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    It is so strange for me to meet people online through a web site. Have people really met and passed the stage of that's so strange. To me it's like a blind date I would never do. If people are really what they say they are on here , than why in the hell would they need to meet someone online here ? If they have a good enough explanation to get me past this I just may be interested. Hell I don't even make plans with people I already know. Partly because I have no time and yes because I already know them and it never went really anywhere ? Gotta run back to work. Just being real........
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    Well if you want to be real let me tell you young man, yes there are people who really meet on mm. I have met some wonderful people, I look at it this way, some people come in my life for a reason, some for a season and some for a life time, and that's the way I feel about it. So take it from there and don't be into your self so much....Enjoy life
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    I have been an online dater for several years and I have met many interesting people. These types of sites provide an environment where people can hold conversations and possibly even have an opportunity to meet people they would not otherwise be exposed to.

    I initially joined the dating scene because I was going through a very painful divorce and I wasn't quite ready to go out on real dates. I met nice men and held wonderful conversations. We shared stories and ideas and, sometimes, even chatted about nothing at all (a-la Seinfeld). As time progressed and the interest level increased, we would agree to talk on the phone or even meet for coffee.

    I have had this conversation with many people and, like you, they were very skeptical about the possibility of meeting an honest and sincere person through this medium. The truth is, there are gamers and scammers just about everywhere you turn. You can see this as a place where gold diggers come to try to land a good catch, or, you can see this as an opportunity to meet people you may not otherwise come in contact with and take a chance that may change your life.

    I believe there are good people here who are worth getting to know. However, the only way to find out for sure is to engage in the process. If you don't like the experience, then you didn't lose anything. But, you just might meet someone here who can offer you everything you want, need or desire.
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    if you don't do blind dates and Internet dating is like blind dating then why are you one will respond to negative thinking ...and my opinion you are being negative and playing a catch 22 situation
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    That is quite funny and somewhat true, but I am a perfect example of a rare find - a sexy, loving, successful woman with an education, morals, likes to have fun, has charm and confidence and wants to meet someone extra special.
    I work so much and only meet poor Salsa dancers in my line of work. They want me to take care of them!
    This is a site that intersted me. I met three gentlemen on this site and each was okay, but just not what inspired me to go on a second date.
    To be honest about your profile and photos- you seem arrogant but feel you need to show all your accomplishments including your trophy wife to show your self-worth. What message are you trying to send out? Are all the material things showing who you are?
    I tend to speak my mind frankly, I hope I did not offend you.
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