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    I have dated rich women and it has it's benefits but I have yet to meet one that is truly happy. Most will not allow a average man like myself to get close to their hearts because their money means more to them than any amount of love. I was married to a very wealth woman, and she was killed one night driving home and everything was left to me since she had no kids. I knew everyone would say I married her for her money but no one never stopped for a second to look at the happiness we shared. She was a great person and I will admit she took care of every aspect of me being her husband Any way after her death, I donated everything she had to women shelters, to help homeless people and many other roads that helped people in need. See I did not marry her for her money I married her because I loved her. Without her the money had NO meaning. I sit here and wonder if I will ever meet another loving and wealth lady. Most would not give the average guy the time , they rather love their money than allow someone to love them. i truly would like to heard from some ladies that want to be love for themselves not for the amount of money they have!!!!!

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    you definitely looking for another wealth lady and don't want to admit that. Why?
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