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    These people usually are able to give love to people who deserve it, and sometimes to those that don?t. Their respect, love or affection cannot be bought with flowers, dinners, promises, status, position, wealth, being catered to, or any of the ways that people put a price on themselves.

    4. Negative Traits

    A few are: drugs, alcohol, promiscuity, shallow, rage, unjustified anger, undependable, immature; unrealistic expectations; sensation seeking; controlling, selfish, arrogant, controlling, jealous, emotionally cold and unfeeling, apathetic, self centered, feeling they are "entitled"?; and the converse (or the lack of) of the many positive traits. Of utmost importance are the harmful personality disorders, which cover many negative behavior traits and bad behavior (too many to list here). It is important to understand that the sociopath and psychopaths of the world cause much more damage (often to millions) than the town drunk will ever cause.

    The third and fourth categories are the most important. We can appreciate the other categories, especially the second one, but these last two are the real deal breakers. To ignore the lack of the good human characteristics or to ignore the negative traits in a person can be dangerous.

    Many of the richest, most popular, or powerful people in the world have many negative traits and the lack of the good higher level traits, and thus can?t even come close to the average person in the assets that make them a good human being. If you have those, you should be singing "I feel good", regardless of your talents, accomplishments, or lack of genetic benefits.

    Thus, a person with a lot of "good human being traits" should get (and deserves) the highest level of consideration and respect by people. It is up to all of us to make sure they get it.

    Any comments or changes needed for a good overview of the traits?
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    People's assets, traits, and qualities can generally be categorized into three positive categories plus a negative category.

    1. Those assets you were born with, and had nothing to do with: Such as beauty, intelligence, inherited wealth and family money, good genetic mental health, good genetic physical health, sexy looks, natural talents or abilities, charisma, inherited social position, etc. Some of these characteristics are often "flashy" and attract a lot of attention and admiration in most societies. However, this category of traits does not make you a "class act" by any means. Regardless of the items on this list, the key factor is that you had to do nothing to gain these assets.

    2. Those assets you had to work on to obtain: Traits and accomplishments such as: education; interests, knowledge, wisdom, developed skills and abilities; accomplishments, personality, development as a whole and balanced person; common sense, sound philosophy of life, tolerance of others; trying to be good, trying to be a good parent or role model; admirable but realistic values; open and honest with themselves and others, know themselves; good work ethic. They may have: wealth, success, pleasant personality, sociable, interesting, a good leader; have a balanced personality; sound goals and ideas, etc. They may recognize their special talents and try to improve their weaknesses; accept challenges in life, etc. Regardless of the components of the list, the key factor is that you had to work and expend effort to gain these assets.

    3. Those assets that define your character and the higher-level traits of a good human being, such as: honesty, integrity, honor, compassion, kindness, flexibility, being understanding, responsibility, loving, patience, tolerance, stability, good morals, spiritual, dependability, easy going, maturity, willingness to compromise, slow to anger, willingness to help the less fortunate, and about 60 other higher level traits of a good human being.
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    You forgot the 4th - negative category 4w's.

    I'll reserve comment until then.
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