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    The profile says it all. I'm going to do my part and try to look.

    It *is* all I could do, after all.So,I suppose for once I'll put faith in the people.

    I prefer sincerity. Message me only if you're truly interested in exchanging words.

    Thank you and goodbye.

    ~Blackrose Prince.
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  • View author's info posted on Apr 12, 2007 20:35

    cutiepie01 write:
    TallBlonde50 write:
    Indeed I am still single, but by choice....not because I have no one.

    All I can say Prince, is seek yur words wisely. Your posts come off as hurtful and demeaning at times.

    Re: heeeey... wait a minute... TB is that frogprince?


    *rolls eyes*

    No, I'm the tooth fairy.
  • View author's info posted on Apr 10, 2007 10:34

    I've learned a bit.

    Yes, I'm still essentially the same. I admit.
    I've also learned that people only want you to play by the rules, so to speak, just to make the world around them an easier place.

    Truth of the matter is... it's not.
    Besides, I'm sure there are worse out there than besides me and I doubt I'm as inclined to just randomly insult others as I had once before.

    I simply keep it to myself now.

    Besides, read the profile.
    As I previously stated:

    These are the things I want.
    These are the guidelines I set.

    I can freely pass judgment just so long as none of the women here (or anywhere else for that matter) don't measure up to those standards.
    Sure, "Judge not lest ye be judged". A million times over, I say.

    -I'll be judged regardless.-

    By the way I dress, the way I speak,
    the way I conduct myself, and by the
    things I seek in my life.

    Take me at face value. I doubt you'll be as offended as much. Who knows, maybe you might even laugh.

    I've changed in some aspects, but I never forgot who I am and I doubt I will change.
    I want to be loved for being who I am.
    Someone who would care about you would never ask you to change.
    That has to come from within and you must want it.

    I'm sure that's all I can really sayBlonde... as I can easily point out that you're still single.

    Time only moves forward. We don't get any younger and life goes on without us.

    ~Blackrose Prince
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