Mind/Body Connection... Health

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    Ones health is directly linked to our thoughts, and emotions, although this concept is not widely accepted.
    Think of a time when you were really angry.
    Your body is immediately overwhelmed with emotion, and will react to that by 'giving' you a headache, stomach problems, sleepless nights or else your current pain becomes magnified.
    Now, that's a simple example, however, all of our deeply rooted negative thoughts have the power to change our physical form.
    We actually create our own health problems, but it's not our 'fault'. Just as it's not a child's fault when they touch a hot stove the first time. They're innocent of the effect that their action creates. As it is for us, we are often unaware of the subconscious beliefs that create our physical world.
    Of course, whether we're aware or not, it doesn't stop the body from creating ill effects. It's going to happen anyway because it's a law of nature.
    I have a ton of information on this subject, but you can check it out yourself, and be informed. In that way, you'll be better equipped to prevent, minimize and reverse your health issues.
    Your best future lies in educating yourself, and not in a preconceived perception of reality that has been dictated by mainstream medicine.

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