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    I am brand new but am finding this website extremely difficult to navigate. Not only is there NO information explaining the procedures for finding a match. The search criteria is very generic. I can't seem to find a way to track my searches, sort profiles already viewed. Is there tracking/search sort for new members, length of membership, or ability to delete them from future searches. I can't find a way to know if a person is still active or not. (just note that last accessed within the month). Also, you don't know their activity prior to signing up for the gold membership. Each of the men I was interested in haven't been active for weeks. Had I known that first, I wouldn't have paid the fee to email. The chat room is a joke. It should include the ability to sort by state and age and give a preview of the photo and basic info without having to open each file. Also, what is "preferred" designation. How do you achieve this status and what advantage is it. I would really appreciate any tips for tracking/searching/deletion of profiles I am not interested so they aren't displayed in futures searches and sort for only new profiles by date/age/city. Very frustrated. What is the refund policy (faq section doesn't address nor does it address the waiting period before profile will be activated or that you can't send emails until activated even though you have paid. There should be instructions outling the whole program and how it works.
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    I totally agree with this!

    Also I have been sent winks and returned winks and emails and have had no response from any of them! Very strange!

    Any help/advice please!
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