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    I totally agree with the men should be men approach but most of us have been raised in a world where we were taught that "macho" = jerk and "gentleman" = patronizing. All we need to sweep you off your feet is encouragement. If a woman really wants a man (which is the easiest thing in the world) all she needs to do is be obvious she's available. Go to the grocery store and look for the guys in suits without a wedding band [most of the guys shopping are single because single guys tend to shop for meals one at a time and are picking something up right before dinner time] -- if you'd like him to talk with you, pause in the produce aisle or smile his way. You'll be shocked at how easy it is to get a guy to show interest.
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    ... has anyone ever tried the online ebooks that you purchase regarding saving a relationship.. like..getting your love back even if they don't want to? Are these worth it?

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