Feeling so Alone!!! Romance

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    Well girls for those who are not interested in going out and about...like me prefer the quieter life....the other alternative is pamper yourself, get the girls around if you wish and make it a fun evening...Or if you are alone and feeling sorry for yourself, go run yourself a long bubbly bath, light the candles, put on some relaxing music....give yourself a facial, do your nails, totally indulge yourself and just enjoy the blissful peace. Let me tell you once your man is around, you might not get the same amount of quality time by yourself. lol.
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    I don't think a pity party ever got anyone a date - it didn't get me one!

    Get out of the house.... Take dance lessons, get a hobby..... you just might meet someone with common interests that way!
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    I don't want to be alone either. This sucks big time! Never having a date or always having to work on the weekends. Can't someone save me from my humdrum life? please?

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    My name is Jevon.I don't think you should be alone forever.A beautiful
    lady such as yourself.Uummm,i would like to be with you. Kisses,Jevon

    p.s I am mixed race
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