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    I can tell you my bottom line. I don't really worry about the fine distinctions between one personality disorder or another. Typically a person has to have 5 out of 9 traits to be officially diagnosed as one disorder or another. Many people will have 4 here, 3 from another type, 2 from another, and since they don't have 5 in any one category, then must be sane, right. Not to me.

    The Bottom Line in my case is that I recognize bad behavior of all sorts, and will not put up with it in my personal life. I may feel sorry and compassion for you "from a distance". I may be willing to help you some, may buy your meds if you will take them, but if you won't, or you are in denial, then I will tell you that I do not wish to spend my life in turmoil because of someone else bad behavior - if I have a choice.

    In the case of children, parents, siblings, mate, etc. you may not have a choice because you have responsibilities to them, but to others, nope, I cannot take that load on my shoulders. I have tried to do so in the past, and quickly become consumed by their problems. Never again. I have a life to live too, and believe it or not, the world does not revolve around people with personality disorders. They have to find their own way - if willing.

    What is really strange to me is that many people with "broken wings" like it that way because they have a excuse for almost any bad behavior, get their way a lot, get lots of attention, etc. It won't work with me, and if I see that they don't want to get better, I just bail out and let them enjoy their "broken wing".

    I do not think any person has the right to cost me time, trouble, money or heartbreak. If they have a disorder or condition that doesn't hurt or impose on me, depression for instance, I try to help.

    How have you coped with people in your life that had severe personality disorders? I will accept inputs on my approach. Now, you can "Quote me as saying I was mis-quoted."(Groucho)or at least misunderstood. lol
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    Hi. I'm a psychiatrist who just talked a bit about how the meds for that and psychosis can often help a personality disordered individual be stable enough to get more out of therapy. Just FYI.
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    I think my crossover point is how much will the person affect or involve me with their disorders/problems.

    If they want to put bugs in their tea and sleep with snakes because god spoke to them, that may be ok. However if they put bugs in my tea, want me to sleep with snakes, try to intimidate, scream and shout at me about those bugs and snakes, then that is another story.

    I am also not too happy if I see such people trying to hurt or influence others in a sick way, especially the old, the sick, the helpless, and my friends, family, children, or grandchildren.
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