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    Your pic looks fine from here, bnb but I miss seeing your face!
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    beautynbrains4u write:
    I 've been having tons of problems with my computer..virus, getting bumped offline... and have spent hours over the last couple of weeks working with techs to fix the problems...ya right!! anyway to add to my pics as well as most of yours look really scary...LOL. Blurred. And no, I haven't been munching on shrooms...LOL!! Are any of you seeing this or am I the only lucky one?? I'm ready to throw my computer out of my picture window GGGRRRR.

    Beauty, are you wearing your glasses on top of your head? Try going to trendmicro and click on "Housecalls." It's a non-profit virus detection site that is legitimate and certified and will scan your PC while you wait, to detect and destroy trojans, worms, etc. It isn't a rival dating site so MM really should feel no threat from me mentioning it. It's only to help you fix you PC so you can log onto MM more often.
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