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    Thre are a lot of women on here, and let me share with you some comments on profiles and see if you can find the woman. Now keep in mind this is not jeparody but lets hear some comments:

    You're sitting at the bar and take a sip of your favorite drink (or swig of beer; whichever you happen to prefer). Meanwhile, a beautiful mysterious young woman is sitting across the room sipping a chocolate martini and laughing with her friends. The bar is getting crowded by the minute and the DJ is blasting the lastest pop tune..."Smile for me daddy...let me see your grill." You look up and you lock each others eyes. You have never seen this girl before. Who is she??

    Now you guess who made this comment and tell me her age??? We will have a new mystery girl each week.

    sorry folls ms cute booty seem to know everything
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  • View author's info posted on Sep 12, 2006 20:48

    Islands, I don't know why you'd think we women could identify the author of a profile if she's a female. We don't care about other females or their profiles! We read the men's profiles.

    Perhaps you should play your game with the MM men. THEY might know the answers.
  • View author's info posted on Sep 04, 2006 04:49

    Is she the lady from King's Cross Station?, you know the one that ran out on Johnny after promising heaven for a few quid? lol.

    I know it's not you peggy honey, you are too much of a class to be her, :)

    So who is it?
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