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    I'm wondering how many are on here and other sites and what other sites you would think decent enough to sign up for? Do you meet a lot of people and "date", per se
    more than one person or make it exclusive to one you are interested in? Especially when most are fake photos of people, etc. Do you insist that they have a webcam for verification of the person?

    Seems to me it would be something where you could easily do both but I see a lot of people on here who are disappointed later on because the man lies about being married and I'm wondering if that changes your aspect of being exclusive. Does it tend to make you more apt to do a background check and things like that to be more certain?

    Wondering also what the actual single men think about this and if they are willing to be understanding to a woman when she is leary or not so willing to trust when there are so many married men on these sites.

    Does this make you want to leave this site and choose one that actually does background checks to verify whether a member is married? They do so, not only by sign up info, but by payment method. Checking their name to their credit card, etc. to ensure they are not someone who is looking for a side dish.

    Seems to me, a single man would understand and if he's really interested in the girl herself, he would make the effort to be understanding and patient, but many on here complain they are not. That alone tells me they are only out for one thing and not worth the time to begin with.

    What does everyone think about this?
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  • View author's info Posted on Sep 04, 2006 at 09:11 PM

    I can tell you that I learned early on to do background checks on men that I meet. For one thing it's much to scary of a world to just trust and secondly time is much to valuable of a resource to waste on fakes.

    In my experience most men are willing to provide you with their information. If they aren't then a red flag should go up as this signals they are lying. Just like this fakeness happens to women it like wise happens to men. Plenty of them will likewise want to check you out. If you have nothing to hide you will be fine with this.

    Personally I won't date anyone to whom I can't google and does not have a professional image to uphold in the community (ie doctors, lawyers, business men, judges, ect). Some things are just not worth the risk of walking into a situation blindly. Just my thoughts anyway!
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