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    Adamma. He is God. He knows what He is doing. For us to question Him.  Its ignorant.  And theres lots of scripture that talks about drinking and getting drunk.  So what it boils down too is if people would read Gods word they would know what's right from wrong. Its not COOL to do or be  good.  That's twisted. And  if your going to tell me that Jesus drank wine. Well little do people know that it was from the fruit of the vine which means it was grape juice fresh from the vine. ?. They used to drink watered down wine for medicinal purposes. Anyone who drank straight wine was a barbarian .
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    Hi there!
    well, I think we cannot fully understand the ways God thinks/works, so tells even the Bible, that His thoughts are not a man s thoughts, :)but from my experience I can tell u
    God is not an opressor, that is hin enemy - Satan, the father of all lies. He is so specialised in that cause he had a lot of time to do that..
    Tragedies happen because people are away from what God created them for.
    The whole culture system makes God look bad, as we are used to HAVE what WE WANT. But what WE WANT is sometimes just not what WE NEED..and here u must have at least one experience of your own. God would never do something to harm you as HE is ALL LOVE. He doesn t have meanness in himself - is there such a word:))??- anyway, tragedies happen because people just loose there lives from there hands- that is not listen to God. And I must tell you that there is someone very happy when that happens. That is Satan.
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    I don't think you can ever reeally be sure if there is a God, but I like it better to prefer that there is not. The existence of a God that you can pray to and that will answer your prayers is a product of fear. A fear that if you can't accomplish something or you can't get what you need then you failed. If God answers your prayers then you can just use the excuse that "God works in mysterious ways." If I had a dollar for everytime I heard that I think I would rival Bill Gates. But the fact is in what mysterious way is God working when a drunk driver plows into a car carrying a Family of four and the Father or Mother in the car survives. Is God testing that individuals faith by killing their family? Is he punishing the Drunk Drivers sins with guilt at the expense of another devout mans happiness? If so then God is a bigger murderer than any serial killer, Hitler, Vlade the Impaler, or any other figure of Death you can name.
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