For Cutiepie01 - Dog Recall ("Come Here!") Pets

  • View author's info posted on Jul 11, 2006 18:05

    Oh wow, a real pet trainer! I need help! I have a golden retiever that can read my mind and WILL NOT come near me if I am thinking bath, vet, clean ears, or if I need to put them away in a room when company comes over. If I call her she runs away. Even if I have nothing evil in mind! Even if I put her on a leash, I would have to drag her dead body weight to come with me. She won't get into a car even. And it's hard to chase down and drag and then lift a 65 pound dog into the car! I even try taking her to McDonald's in the car for french fries (her fav) but she still won't get in when I want her to. Not even if my lab gets in first, and then I get in.

    FYI, my lab is the best, she does anything I ask her!
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