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    I was at the site and found severl women from the Phillipines who had wonderful photographs and wer every attractive and seem very traditonal. Much to my surprise they were not only sublicate profiles but information was both changed and the individuals were the exact same person. Thre is a scam in both Nigeria and the Phillipines which have posted profile and men need to be aware of this. They cometime claim to be unable to ge to the Unite States and often are very polite and work with men as teams to extore meny for men all over the world. This is a business, and this site might be the target for men, This also exist in the United States where women who claim they are wealthy are actually operating a escort service. Clearly this is s something the site cannot prevent or manage but be aware my brothers of this scam.

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    cutiepie01 write:
    Why bother starting a thread if youre not going to come back and keep up with it? such a waste of time.

    Exactly. And the only ones interested in members from the those countries are people in those countries. Anybody here in MM looking for love is not swayed by a sob story from half a world away unless they are 100 pounds overweight, wear Coke-bottle lens glasses, sport a wicked comb-over and have one tooth missing in the front. Those millionaires will take ANYBODY.

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