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    thegoodlife421 write:
    Dorma, I hope you have a good attorney. I wish you the best of luck out there!!!

    Actually, I've decided to take a total break from dating for awhile - - I went inactive with the dating service - - to focus more on some family matters, plus clear my head a little.

    Let me know next time the group plans a trip to VEGAS!

    Did I hear someone needs a good attorney? Dorma loves the Georgia ones, I hear....

    Welcome back, goodlife......Mmmmmmuh!
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  • View author's info posted on Jul 08, 2006 09:47

    Hi everyone,

    I am in Barbados still fighting ( satan ) to see my son.

    I am in one of his beach homes and he calls me a squatter,
    so I am taking him back to court and I WILL SEE MY SON. I did for three minutes and he tried to go bye bye with me he is now seven and no man or woman should ever use a child as a tool.
    So I am hanging out with the Locals and praying hard...and have got stronger.

    Rob I wa at the Hilton and there was a Lawyers convention and three Georgia Attorneys took me to dinner and kept complimenting me and opened up some Champagne so I had a date with three southern Gentleman and took a lady who I adopted as an Aunt to swim at the hilton and these gentleman didn't let us pay for a thing and pulled chairs out and got up for us.
    Damn I am sorry even as a liberal woman I still love Southern boys with manners.

    Hugs and kisses Good luck in classes Beautiful goodlife and Dawn you look smoking hot sexy in red,

    When I get back to Dallas we will hit the best places drinks at Sullivans, dancing at cool river xoxoxoxox
  • View author's info posted on Jul 08, 2006 07:09

    Hey MathGurl!

    Good to see you still lurking about some. How do you like the dating service? I joined one after I got divorced. It was okay, but very expensive. After my "term" was up, I decided I could just about join every site on the internet for less than the fees and the results have been about the same...
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