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    Okay BnB I admit it, I was on meds. hehehe. I loved the embellishment! If you do the notes on the doors, just for fun... please let us know how it turns out. I would love to do something like that while everyone was sleeping... or partying. LOL. Definately annonymous tho. LOL. How about if we all take a vote, the majority rules??
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    beautynbrains4u write:
    I can't believe anyone actually read it!! Usually I bypass lengthy posts unless I've taken my meds for ADD that day!! Thanks Cutie!!

    P.S. I usually sleep like a baby...but I do have a noise box, ear plugs... and the suggested noise problems on occasion...let's just say I embellished it a bit ;))!!

    BnB that was such a good story but i also know can be very true in degrees. Even with your embelishment you added spice!!! Actually i think Cutie might have a point of acknowledgement. Taping it on all the doors(anonymously) of course would be a hoot and also make a point. It would be one to put down in your memoirs if nothing else....LOL
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    BnB...even in the country there are inconsiderate people who keep you awake. I live on an acreage, with about 100 acreas of free land around me, but to the South I have a few neighbors. We're spaced quite far apart. Yet the neighbors 2 houses South have 4 dogs, which they leave out ALL night long! These dogs bark at every little thing that moves in the dark...deer, coyotes, skunks, whatever... Sound carries at night. Now that it is warmer I like to have my windows open to let the cool night breeze flow through my bedroom. They do this all year round, but with my windows shut I don't notice as's muffled. Well, it's been exceptionally hot in the house for the past 2 wks, and I wanted my windows open. Those damn dogs have been keeping me awake everynight. A couple of nights ago after listening to those 4 dogs bark from 1 to 3 a.m. I was over tired, and pissed! I called the police. Around 4 a.m. it stopped. I had 2 nights of peace & quiet. Then last night they were out again and started their barking around 12:23 a.m. Piss me off!

    I have 2 dogs. Once it gets dark they do the same thing...bark at every little thing that moves. I bring them in the house around 10 p.m. so they won't do that to disturb me or my neighbors.

    Some people are so inconsiderate of others. I can' imagine how they can sleep through it.
  • View author's info Posted on Jul 05, 2006 at 02:32 PM

    BnB that is the funniest story, LOL, Im sorry for laughing at your misery. I also know what sleep deprivation feels like at the hands of the neighbor. Fortunately the neighbor that used to love to chop at 2 a.m. finally saw things my way. After 4 years of him doing that, and me clutching my pillows to my head and trying the earplug route... I was very sick and when I got up in the morning and saw him outside, I asked him if he could refrain from doing that after say 9pm. He agreed that he could be done by 10pm. I laughed and for the past 2 years I dont have my house being shook off its foundation anymore. His wife even thought it was funny that it took me so long to mention it. I dont think in your case, that you have much choice but to try to find a top floor condo and hope that its not next door to some party animals or sex maniacs. I truly sympathize with you, but again the story was funny. HEY perhaps you should print this up and tape it to every door in the building and let everyone else have a laugh and maybe even get the point across? If you get caught, just say that you are sleep walking. LOL.
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