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Funny things Kds say
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Posted on Sun, Jul 02, 2006 15:40

So I was taking a wkend "creative batik class" and took my son because it was my weekend with him.

We were all sitting around the table working on our projects and my son was quizzing us from his world book of facts.

One of the facts in his book was that Elvis sold the most records, I think.

My professor proceeded to tell us that she saw him in one of his last concerts before he died.

My 8yr old son said: "Oh my god, you were living when Elvis was alive?"

I was both embarrassed and amused. I couldn't stop laughing. And all the other ladies were laughing. Fortunately for me the Prof. thought it was funny too and laughed along with us.

What are some funny things kids have said that you'll have heard?

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Posted on Mon, Jul 03, 2006 17:53

Ok, I have another one. The other day I said to my son, you know I'm pretty fortunate we still give each other hugs and kisses, sense you won't let me hold your hand anymore.

He said, "Mom I don't kiss you, you kiss me and I let you."

That was sooo funny to see how he preceives the display of affection between mom and son. It is as if it is ok to accept the kiss because after all mom initiates it...:)

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