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    Actually as Southernor I love NYC and the people , I lived in Bethesda Md outside of DC and twice a month on weekends went to NYC on the Metro..
    I used to love staying at the Marriott World trade center or the Marriott next door three doors down financial district. I would eat at Windows of the World on top of one of the towers I took my son when he was year old withhis dad and said that when he graduated I wanted him to look at the world Manhattan, and see what the world would hold for him. The staff was so sweeet and I have so many great memories of theatre Broadyway, The meat packing district, SoHo , I am a NYC lover all the way! After 9-11 I went to NYC to give support once in November and once in December.
    New Yorkers gave each other support and came together so I feel that some of the nicest people I know hail from NYC..Cheers
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    I have to agree with Red ~ My trips to NYC have been fabulous! I'm a person who loves to smile ~ and even in NYC all of my smiles and greetings were returned with splendor.

    JL ~ maybe they just didn't understand your Southern drawl? Thought you were a minister or a politician wanting a little contribution? (laughing}

    Sharp ~ did you ever get the chance to meet NYChick?
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    I know the "Big Apple" is infamous for it's rude people, but I swear - cross my heart - almost everyone I have encountered in NYC have responded, smiled and yes, even spoke wih me (or us, when with my sis). Even a couple of people on the subway. It took a bit for the subway people to engage when a panhandler asked me for some change. I got the evil (or was it the "are you crazy?") eyed look, but in fairly short order the three people closest to us were engaging in conversation.

    I love NYC. Everything about it, except you can't seem to get a drink that costs less than $12.50. lol, smiles
  • View author's info posted on Jul 20, 2006 04:13

    Oh! Oh! Oh! Sharp Babe! LOL

    When I moved to Toronto, everybody said, "It's so big, it's just like New York! The people are rude and won't talk to you so don't be all "Goody Two Shoes" and try and get them to talk and joke around with them because they'll ignore you."

    Well, everybody was SO WRONG! Toronto has the craziest, funniest, greatest-sense-of-humour people! More amiable than people in Ottawa!

    Oh! Oh! Oh!!!! And every fourth store has a big dog dish at their door full of cold water in the summer and if you go to Queen East, there are dogs EVERYWHERE! Tiny dogs, large dogs, gigantic Great Danes and St. Bernards; all of them on leashes, of course, and sometimes there are dogs on the buses and streetcars and even the subway! I love it! Toronto is a dog Heaven!

    And if you go to the beach, where I spend much of my time, there are dogs running free all up and down the shoreline. All my neighbours have dogs from little Rosco, who could fit in a soup bowl and who licks my face so fast that he finally starts sticking his little tongue right up my nosehole when I'm holding him ... to Murphy whose back is level with my waist and who is a gigantic black poodle with a head as hard as granite.

    Please come and visit me, with your daughter, in Toronto and I'll show you around Bloor Street and we'll check out Gucci and the shops in Yorkville and then off to Queen East for espressos at Savignon! Bring a dog too!

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    My parents were transferred to NYC back in the late 50's. My mother loved to mess with people and her favorite thing to do was to go into the subway and then watch for the sub to come the wrong way thru the tunnel. She said that normally there was a "kind soul" that would come and correct the "tourist" that they were looking the wrong way down the tunnel. Sometimes though, it got up peoples curiousity and they would begin to watch that way down the tunnel, just in case... :o)

    When I visited there a few years ago on business, I entertained myself down near the Empire State Building. Being within just a few blocks of it, I would make sure I was on the sidewalk that was most blocked by the tall building and would walk up to people and in my best eastTN accent ask "Hit scuse me, Can you tell me where that Empire State Buildins at???"

    I was always curious as to why people don't look each other in the face, smile and say "hello" there. I found it particularly odd that in an elevator, as soon as the door closes, everyone looks at their shoes to check for mud...
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    sharp1 write:
    I need directions. I see a group of 5 people walking. They are a few feet away, I say, "Excuse me." They appear not to hear me, so I walk to keep up, and say it louder. They still don't here, I shout, "Hey, excuse me." They appear to be deaf. Next I whistle at them, and shout "Hey Excuse me, can you help us?" DUH...all deaf I guess!

    So I turn to my 17 yr daughter and say, "Hey quick cross the street, there's another group of people waiting to cross the road...they can't run from us!" So we cross over, and I interupt their conversation with an "Excuse me, could you tell us..." They were happy to help, even walked us to where we were going! Guess what? They didn't live in the NYC.

    My daughter & I walk into Prada. We're checking out this beautiful blue purse. The saleman comes up behind me and says, "That purse is $9000." I said, "You're kidding right?" He said, "Oh no, it's alligator." Nice purse, but not $9000 worth! Not only that, Customs would never let me cross the border with it!

    I love this post! Reminds me of a trip I made to NYC in the late 80's to present a paper, and I was staying at the St. Moritz. I got up early to take a walk, and see Central Park. Being Southern, I naturally said "Good morning" to everyone on the sidewalk as they were out and about. It didn't take long to notice that nobody, and I mean nobody, even replied. Well, me being me, that just made me walk up to every person I saw and tell them "Good morning", and watch the terrified expressions on their faces! What fun! Horrifying New Yorkers--they ought to make a reality show about it....

    Thanks for the reminder sharp...made my morning!
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    Kind of makes me wonder what the streets were like 100 years ago when horses were the main mode of transportation. Makes the phrase "watch where you step" take on a whole new meaning. I saw a TV program called "The Worst Jobs In The World" or something very similar which talked about just that. I can't remember if it were NYC or London but it discussed things being so bad that people, mostly vagrants and the handicapped used to sweep the streets in front of the wealthy when they crossed to clear a path for them. They could not ask for money as that would be considered begging which was illegal. They had to depend on tips instead.
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