Hey kids, im new to all of this so can i get some feedback?? Newcomer Introduction Forward to friends

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    I have no idea who's being talked about, but by the gist of the first message that appeared on my screen... I purposefully put up the worst pictures of myself that I can manage--or at least the most 'natural' ones. Yes, I had my own photo restoration/retouching business at one point, but I myself do not desire--when somebody meets me--to be disappointed in that I don't look like some Glamour Shot I posted onto some website. That is just a personal preference, however, and I do not really care what everyone else does to their own photos. Lord knows I could take a bunch of professional and/or sexy photos with my breasts popping out and all that jazz but that is just not my style. I believe to each his (or her) own.

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    I am new to this site, but have perused many other singles sites. You asked for feedback, so I will give you mine. The picture you have posted says one thing very loudly "I want someone who is interested in this body." I would say, if that is all you care about then go for it....but if you want a man to appreciate other things about you, you might consider at least adding some other pictures! GOod luck!
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    susieinvegas write:
    Oh, and by the way, your body doesn't even look that great.

    I lost a man because of that little bit of chub in the tummy, and I have had two children. How can this man say you are beautiful and I am not? Beats me.

    You're kidding, right?

    She's got a beautiful body.

    What LilLady needs to figure out is what image she wants to portray. I like her profile, but it's pretty vague. I just don't get a good feel for who she is or what/who she wants, but she does look great. A face would be nice, because you can tell a lot about a person from their face (looks can tell a million words)..
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    I agree with the guy who said "strangeness" ^..^
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    susieinvegas write:
    Oh, and by the way, your body doesn't even look that great.

    I lost a man because of that little bit of chub in the tummy, and I have had two children. How can this man say you are beautiful and I am not? Beats me.

    Come on, Susie, be honest. Her body is beautiful. You continue to want to direct your anger toward her. I'm pretty sure she isn't the one who broke up your marriage. And who is saying you're not beautiful? No one here is even comparing the two of you. Why do you continue to want vent on this young lady because of your broken heart?
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    Susieinvagas get a grip. Seriously what is your problem? If you feel i am your competition, you are right, every single women on this site is obviously, that's just the name of the game it seems. But please desist from insulting me and trying to dishearten me as i have taken a big chance in doing this whole dating experience, i feel i deserve to have preferences and be picky as do you. I think that you being so rude in your manner and by attacking me you are doing yourself no good at all as far as advertising your good points, You are revealing a very ugly side and i am sure no men are attracted to that. As for your flabby tummy... Who Cares??? That was an odd comment really. lol.
    As for not advertising on the net when you were 19 , well i don't think the Internet even existed back then did it??? It's a different time and generation now as i am sure you are aware of as you have children my age, though i think it is highly ironic that you criticize me even for the fact that i joined this site, cheap blow and definitely hypocritical.
    All i wanted was some constructive criticism, and thankfully most people on here have been lovely and very helpful. I will do my best to take the good advice into account. :) thank you all of you who were kind enough to make me feel welcome and actually give me your honest and constructive opinion.
    have a wonderful day kids!
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    I have to agree with some of the ladies. Your showing nuttin' but the basics tends to leave the wrong msg.
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    susieinvegas write:
    Little girl, you were the one asking for feedback, and when a man is offering you $20K per month for sex, that is the image you are portraying. Yes, I'm old enough to be your mother, I have two young daughters, and I am scared to death that they will end up like you. I am no longer a member, I was looking up a friend here, when I was 19, I didn't need to advertise. Grow Up, or you can always find some middle aged as*hole who will pay you that. Good luck.

    Susie, there is something called "constructive feedback". Your mis-placed anger glows in the dark.
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    hey thanks debbieinitaly :)
    i appreciate your advice!
    As for susieinvagas, all i can say is that my mother often tells me if i can't say anything nice then not to say anything at all.... as you could easily be my mother i dont think i should be the one giving you that advice
    but thanks anyway for your input.

    p.s. why would i sign up to a high-end dating site for sex?? FYI definately not the case

    Take care.
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    Also...a book called "Date or Soulmate" is good to define your "Must Haves" and "Can't Stands" list. This will help you stay on course with your journey. If you don't deviate, you'll avoid the wolves in sheep's clothing.
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    Hi Venus...you my dear are in for a ride. You are open season for preying men. You are very young, very sexy, very beautiful and articulate. All of this open season to the allure of a man of mystery, wealth, hot bod and great stories of new and exciting places. So...you asked what to do. Be modest. Guard your heart. Guard you mind and for goodness sakes guard your body like Fort Knox. Also, pick up some books on edating. It'll help you navigate your way as well as make you question the persona you are selling. Yep, I said selling. I've changed my profile many times after different experiences. Stay safe little lamb.
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    Girls (cutiebooty & RapturousRed) thank you so much, seriously, for your advice & constructive criticism! I appreciate it alot and will definitely take some of it onboard :)
    redhotchevy and azn_sensation you are so kind in your compliments and input aswell, i feel much more welcome and confident in being on this site!
    As far as the picture goes, i never thought about it any of your perspectives, i just went with the advice i got from friends and my interpretation was to crop out my head,lol. Perhaps it's just better then that i don't have a photo at all??i dunno. For now i'll leave it as is until i decide what to do..
    thanks again kids!
    Ciao 4 now
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    cutiebooty write:

    There was no sarcasm intended,more of a compliment really and lighthearted fun.
    Looking at your picture i have seen a similar dress on Mariah Carey and your figure is similar also hence why i said what i said.I also understand peoples need for anonimity.I would be dead chuffed if i was compared to Mariah Carey or J-lo! Sorry you did not take my comment the way it was intended no offence was meant.

    No sarcasm intended or seen here, either, LML.

    I also understand your cautiousness on the internet (we all have to be), but I still think you should show your face in your pic and I'll tell you why - and again, this is not about you - it's about some men, say for example, the man who offered you $XK to be his GF without even knowing you. How weird and lame is that? Men are simple and visual creatures. They see only your body and will make all sorts of assumptions - right or wrong. You can always make it a long shot rather than a close up, but at least they see a whole person.
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    So what are ya'll doing?
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    Hey she
    s right this picture theft thing does go on girls, But than shame to hide your face really,On the theft side of it I guess someones using the pictures to entice or lure someone into the net? lol! And has this happenrd to me Oh yeah, But when you ask for more pictures and they say have not got any, I rest my case and put them on Ignore, So No fears here Lil Miss, Go On show yourself, It be nice to see you face!

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    hey RapturousRed :)
    There is a very good reason i cut my photo to exclude my face. Before i took the plunge to do this whole online dating thing i got alot of advice from my friends and family, all warning me that i should be extra careful and that picture theft was very common, thus i decided to place my pic up like this (rather than having no photo at all) then if i see that a connection occurs with a guy and there is trust i will happily exchange uncroped photos and head shots of myself... simple :D

    As for your comment "cutiebooty" ..i am unsure of your sarcasm and hope you are just being light hearted because it is un-needed

    Thanks girls!
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    Why don't you show your face in your pic?
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    ..hehe, seems so anz_sensation :p ( thank god). Im guessing us kids gotta stick together then?
    take care n have much fun always
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