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    I'm just wondering if there any real men out there looking for real women? I been reading a lot of profiles and find a big percent of the men in my age range 38 to 55 are looking for young girls in their twenties and early thirties and a lot of theses men are flashing their incomes in their faces to attract them. Don't they know theses women are just after their wallets and they are going to drop them as soon as they cut the bank off or when ever something better comes along and it's usually a younger better looking guy. How about putting your bank roll a side for once and look for something better someone that will love them and stick by them in the good times and the bad. Someone who not only be their lover but their best friend too.
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  • View author's info posted on Aug 24, 2006 13:26

    I agree they should not use their income to attract younger women, but all are not the same. Unfortunately, men are visual creatures and probably feel they can get visual satisfaction in younger women. I disagree, but all age brackets go through the same. I'm in my mid 30's and men my age want younger (babies). I fall under the younger bracket for your age category. I don't necessarily want an older man either. I'm not a gold digger just looking for a real man!
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    I will not spend time wondering why men choose younger women, but one comment I have on that subject is, maybe their marriage failed due to a lack of interest or adventure in the bedroom from their wife. Some women's sex drive decreases around menopause, but not all women feel that way. I for one prefer a man my age, they are more caring, learned from the past, and open to adventures in and out of the bedroom.

    Another comment Id like to make is why when you contact a man they don't even bother replying back if even to say they are not interested. You take the time to write its just common courtesy.

    And lastly, to me its not what a man has in his bank account but rather whats in his heart. So any real men out there, a real woman awaits.
  • View author's info posted on Jun 11, 2006 20:48

    Let them have the youngsters, they are going to dump them when they get bored with them anyway. Those aren't the men you want to waste your time with. There are plenty of 'real' men. Don't judge them all by the ones on this site, i mean it's the nature of the beast... causes many to lose sight of what is real, ...everything's relative. Not all millionaires want eye candy, and a sex kitten either. There are some very real men who a want a real woman... not to say that flaunting a younger woman, is not 'real', again it's all relative. Give some of these guys credit tho... just as much i 'lust' for brilliance, there are men who do also. Some men crave a unique intelligent woman who isnt hung up on being something she's not. They want a real woman, just like you want a real man.
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