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    Thank you sweetie, Yes, out of the mouths of babes! My son has taught me many things i may not have even discovered in tis life... he is a gentleman in every sense of the word.
    I didn't mean to be hard on you, (i may have been in another thread), but the reality is, we have a choice, and everything is relative to ones perception. I have let comments about being flat chested get to me only a couple times, (because it was someone I wanted to closer to), but I am satisfied with my body, and wouldn't change a thing, if others aren't, then let them do what makes them feel confident. My mother, had silicone and ultimately died from it, so what price are you willing to pay? My sister is also filled up, and sucked out, and tightened and extended, and you name it, she cannot keep a man, and she relies on her body, and she's a 52 yo party girl still hanging out in clubs trying to meet 25 yo's. hahaha... Love yourself, and if others make you feel like you are less, well... you don't want that kind of man. There's only 'one' out there for me, and that's all i'm looking for, so it doesn't matter what the rest of the world thinks anyway. That 'one', will be all mine.
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    susiefromthe80s write:
    How would you feel if you found out the woman you were dating had numerous surgeries, not for medical reasons, but things like g-spot enhancement? All along you thought you were pleasing her, then you find out she's all plastic? Like a blow-up doll?

    Would you prefer a woman like this, or a woman who is attractive on her own (maybe not perfect though)? Any thoughts?

    How does one or two cosmetic procedures (or even 10) make a woman "all plastic"? First of all, the only part of her that would be referred to as "plastic" (a vulgar term I might add...blow-up doll being worse) would be the area in which she has had enhanced.

    If a person's individual choice is to have it done, I feel that it therefore becomes part of them, and who they are. It remains their body and their choices.

    Your posting clearly exhibits bitterness, for some reason, towards woman who choose this option. Perhaps you need to take a clearer look at yourself and attempt to figure out "why" this bothers you; and why you are not happy with yourself to the point of letting other women's choices/decisions linger in the back of your mind.

    You have a gorgeous smile. While someone who may not have those beautiful teeth that you have, may want to change that; it certainly does not change anything other than their self-esteem!

    The most beautiful women are self-confident.
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    Frankly speaking, a beautiful woman is a beautiful woman, whether or not she has had a procedure or two. We've certainly seen people who've had plastic surgery and look absolutely hideous. I think its all about making subtle "improvements".

    Really Susie, you need to get over this resentment of women who have undergone plastic surgery. I have dated women who have had certain procedures and they have been no different from "natural" women with the possible exception that they were more secure with their bodies.

    These women are not "blow-up dolls". If done in moderation, something like breast implants usually give a woman greater self confidence and this results in their personality blossoming as well and THAT makes them attractive to men.

    Believe it or not Susie, its not all about the BOOBS! There are actually men who appreciate a confident, secure, and outgoing woman regardless of whether or not she has implants. Live and let live..stop begrudging women who choose to have procedures. Its their life, not yours.
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    PeggySue1961 write:

    robtest write:
    Well, I have seen a toad or two running amuck in here lately. And just the other day, I felt like a newt, but I got better...

    Oh, but Rob, you were such a cute little newt. Cheek pinching cute and I don't mean the cheeks on your face. (rolls on the floor laughing)

    But I was out feeding the dog tonight and heard this odd peeping sound. Low and behold!!!

    So, you have a girlfriend now?

    No, no GF yet, but atleast there is a female that loves me!!! Sometimes she is a bitch, but she comes by it naturally :o)

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    BreeyanaC write:
    I am not a man, but I think too much plastic surgery is just unnecessary. A lot of women think they look younger with all that plastic surgery, but they don't - They just look like women with plastic surgery.
    It's almost confusing to see... I can't tell if they went overboard because they truly think they look younger, or if they see the freakish look we do and choose that over aging.
    I'll be the first to admit that after 35 botox will probably be my best friend. But, I think to inhance, tug, pull and tuck to the obvious is mentally and physically absurd.

    I see your point.....but don't you think....that after 35....and botox is your best friend, that....people as you said....will think you freakish?
    Because....your face will be frozen....and devoid of emotions...especially your forehead.....non-changing and no laughter have had...a few laughs in your time.
    or isn't botox a cosmetic enhancement???
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    PeggySue1961 write:
    Well, I am not a man but you know what, I think it is an important part of medicine. If a woman is beautiful on the inside, why not be beautiful on the outside. There is one very special lady on the forums who is beautiful on the inside and because of modern science, is also beautiful on the outside. She has brought such laughter and fun to this site, just when it needed it the most. Oh lordy child, the difference she made. I'll tell you what. If I had eye teeth I would give them just to be able to look like her. Honey, she ain't hamburger....she's PRIME.

    Oh, by the way. Have you seen a little yellow frog hoppin' around?

    Hugs from....
    The sexiest 65 yr. old vixen on MM

    Well, I have seen a toad or two running amuck in here lately. And just the other day, I felt like a newt, but I got better...

    But I was out feeding the dog tonight and heard this odd peeping sound. Low and behold!!!
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    What follows in the next 2 posts, is a song my son wrote at 17.
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    'tha artoffact'

    I see conflicting views in the media
    Leading to eating disorders just like bulimia
    Cause we believe in the things we see in magazines
    How sad it seems living life with shattered dreams
    So we try to shape out bodies to fit
    Using liposuction, tummy tucks, and augmented tits
    When its these things that create bad self esteem
    Using material things to try to help us dream
    And that's the prison that the media makes
    These evil and fake people are as deceitful as snakes
    They feed us lies for there personal gain
    And as a result, we feel discouraging pain
    I guess its do or die, fit the mold or get crucified
    Americas the number one cause of suicide
    We've got the highest rate of kids doing stupid crimes
    Cause they got our minds locked up like we're doing time
    And you and I just encourage this sh*t
    Not on purpose but because we lack the courage to quit
    So we sit back and just follow the crowd
    Searching for identity were it will never be found
    Forever were bound, shackled, lynched, harnessed and chained
    Abusing alcohol to help us tolerate pain
    Till all that remains is an empty shell in the main stream
    Why do we all fall victim to the same thing?

    It's like a maze on this crazy trail
    Your stuck in the circle just chasing your tail
    You can't tell the truth from the lies
    The lows from the highs, your soul's compromised
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    This is a crazy world, starving African to lazy girl
    Sitting on her ass devouring a pastry swirl
    It almost makes me hurl, the sh*t we take for granted
    Consuming everything we see until we make it vanish
    Sometimes I hate this planet and the human race
    We turn everything we see into polluted waste
    Not just creating pollution but we're pollution it's self
    Just take a look at distribution of wealth
    People in India can live for years on a hundred bucks
    While Americans get face lifts and tummy tucks
    I wonder what's the reason for this
    Millions walk around and believe we're the sh*t
    But if you take a look, were all pieces of lip
    The people who sit and do dick while people are sick
    Depleting the bits of hope for a nation that's great
    Christopher Columbus made the greatest mistake
    When he set sail, his wake left a nation of fakes
    Consumer terrorists who don't replace what we take
    But take what we want, and I???m amazed that were not
    Gettin' bombed more often cause of the way that we flaunt
    This terrible thing we call the American dream
    Pursuit of happiness through material things
    My lyrical rings a bell cause you know that its true
    We've got so little time but there's so much to do

    This rat race, will leave everyone in last place,
    You gotta run, just to keep up with the fast pace,
    The most advanced race, maybe needs to slow down,
    and get our heads on straight and take a look around,
    So take a look at the nation I see,
    People try to block it out but its amazing to me,
    Superficiality and hate are the nations back bone,
    The government has put our country in attack mode,
    And we act so proud of this great land,
    And walk around in our shoes, which are name brand,
    Made by slaves who spend lives in sweat shops,
    I'm through with this rat race, I'm makin' hip hops.
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