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    I think you should definitely exchange e-mails for a while, then telephone conversations, and then you should get together in person. If the lady and gentleman do not live close to one another then the guy should: (1) offer to go to her town and get together one night for a date; (2) offer to bring her to your town - but be sure to make arrangements for her to stay in a hotel or somewhere comfortable without you [I have done this once with a girl from this site, we had a great time and there was no pressure]; or (3) meet in the middle. I'd say the meeting should happen after about 5 e-mails and at least 3 telephone conversations -- not too soon and not too late.
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    Hi Var!
    I'm with you! I think after a few phone calls and emails, chats, etc. I want to see if we'll click in person. To see body language and chemistry. The tough part is the distance especially if we are a plane ride or many hours drive away. Seeing each other is like mini vacations and not natural settings either. I'm still stuck here though I'm all for at least a FTF meeting sooner rather than later.
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    V--I'm on your page. if it feels like it could be good, go to it. when it feels like it isn't, forget it. If more would lead their lives by trusting their guts rather than what 10 friends say and rehash in their heads forever, it would be easier to accomplish most anything. Just do it is the applicable sales slogan.
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