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    i was thinking the other day that most nice things in life have significant down-sides..... apart from music and dancing! [well, within reason... i realise u could break ur ankle dancing etc].

    My love for dancing took up most of me youth, so by the age of 17 i had mastered a lot of body-popping stuff [i was the right age when that came out].

    However, i must admit, due to pressures of work etc, i'v been dancing less for the last few years, even though it is gauranteed to make me happy.

    But the other week, i was lucky enough to have a date with none other than MM's very own, the wonderful Preciouz! She was funny and cute.... and a FANTASTIC dancer!! I'm not joking people, this girl is totally natural... she doesn't do over-the-top floor-moves or anything like that... she's the most skillful kind of dancer... the kind that demonstrates grace and rhythm with minimal movement of hips, shoulders waist... wow. so if u other dudes get a chance to date this girl, u'll see what i mean.

    a girl who is beautiful in every way, and she gave me a chance to enjoy a good dance again!!
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    if u were not there, i would have hated it.. but u made it worth-while.

    u can drink beer better than me!
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