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    Hey Rob, talking of the bunch of 'F' graders who check these forums for 'naughty' insertions, its a real hoot what their 'alternatives' are on the 'smell checker' Write in HiFi and it suggests FiFi , so now i have a FiFi in every room, boy, do i love twiddling little buttons.
    Write 'blog' which again it doesn't recognize but suggests appropriately 'Bogs' so get yourself a double displacement 'flood pump' suck those darn 'bogs' dry and maybe that will get the 'Blogs' working again.
    By the way, 'bog' is a good Anglo Saxon word for Toilet, etc, etc, so if your blogs disappear they've probably been flushed down the pan,
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    PeggySue1961 write:
    Have used walker. Will exchange for a pair of slightly used dentures.

    yes send it to george.w. bush a a good bye gift only way to get rid of him hope he does not come to houma louisiana and find out about the 100,000 parish presidency job thath's half of bush's salary.
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    cutiepie01 write:
    haha Sharpie, I know you didnt think grits were made up. i was just teasing ya'. Actually Sunshine is right about the cornmeal mush being like grits. you can probably use that recipe and try some for yerself. I made some this morning with 2 slices of velveeta stirred in the pot. wow it made them creamy and yummy. But Sharp, back to that japanese dishwater soup. Did you ever think that they laugh at us when we consume it? I think its a joke that they play on us. Do you think they really drink that stuff? Or they just make it so they can laugh at us?

    Hey roundeyes! You likey mo soup? :o)
  • View author's info posted on Jun 13, 2006 19:40

    PeggySue1961 write:
    I said:

    I once looked up whatchamacallit in the dictionary. It was defined as...same as thingamajig.

    MM, please quit deleting my punch line. Do you even know what a thingamajig is? Well, it is the same thing as a whatchamacallit. If you don't know what a whatchamacallit is then look it up in the dictionary. You really don't want to get me angry do you? I'm not nice when I get angry.

    Do you think they would have the same response to henway or tyecost? These people really need a suthern dicksonary!!! ROFLMAO
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    One uncontrollable skate board for exchange, now desperately need slightly used dentures
  • View author's info posted on Jun 05, 2006 02:07

    seattlesunshine write:
    All right, as uz a confession is in order. I know what grits are, OK? Polenta in Italy and what my cousins call them, corn meal mush which they would eat during lent with cream and sugar. A sacrilege in the south, I know.

    Next issue:

    Do y'all use Miracle Whip or mayonnaise? Which is it?

    Growing up Mom tried to serve us Grits once - YUK!!!! MW or Mayo?: all we had was MW.....after I left home, I discovered Mayo and never went back. Along the same lines, all we drank was whole milk and I hated it - always left some weird film on my teeth. And then along came 2%. And yes, I'll drink it with my chocolate cake!
  • View author's info posted on Jun 02, 2006 10:04

    cutiepie01 write:
    Hmmm... Sharp I think they are ground from corn, they are like the consistency of cream of wheat. Only you put alot of butter and salt and pepper on them. The southerners chop up thier over easy eggs and mix the grits in them. Even tho Im not sure exactly what they are, I sure love them. I think maybe we need to ask Gem to be for sure what they are. Do they even sell them in Canada? Every restaurant down here serves grits for breakfast. I found out that in New Hampshire they serve baked beans with breakfast! That is something that belongs with barbeque, as far as I can figure. I just dont think they go with eggs but I guess its a new england thing that I dont care to try unless I was having ribs or roasted hog for breakfast.

    sharp1 write:
    Excuse my ignorance, but I don't know what 'grits' are either! lol I picture them to be like 'hash brown potatoes' shredded. What are grits? Edible, right?

    Just search for "grits" and type in DubU DubU DubU. Grits. COMe and see what you get...
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    either way peggy sue I like what you do. Some of my best friends are hatched.
  • View author's info posted on May 30, 2006 17:40

    Peggy sue I was lmao after reading about your will. Girl i wish I had the guts to be just like you.
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