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    PeggySue1961 write:

    Oh Sharp, I am so sorry what I wrote brought tears to your eyes. I guess I was just trying to relate to you as a mother. What you are letting and supporting your daughter in is so wonderful. (dare I say the following?) One day when she is a mom she will appreciate ever more, what you have done.

    Okay, time for a laugh. Why did the bee fly into the can of Mountain Dew? He wanted to get a buzzzzzzzzzz on. (grins)

    Hahaha! many times did you press the send button? lol
    Don't worry about the tears...there will be alot more in the future I'm sure! For now, we make the best of our time together! She's a pretty lucky lady...wish I were going! I tried to voluteer as a chaperone, but they had enough! Darn! :-) related very well as a Mother.
    Life is good, no complaints.
    Cute joke! lol Thanks!
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    Thank you Cutiepie and PeggySue. That's too funny about your Mom cutie saying, "I'm not being your mom right now." lol

    Peggy, reading your reply to me made me cry...literally. Unfortunately, my daughter won't be so close to visit me regularly, pick up the phone & call or even drop me an email. She'll be on a tall ship, sailing around the Pacific side of the World till Xmas taking her gr 12. While they are at sea, they do their academics and are in 'no communicado' phase until they reach the next port. Sometimes they could be at sea for stretches as long as 21 days. As hard as it will be for me to give up my last year with her before she goes off somewhere to University, I know this will be an experience of a lifetime for her. One I would have loved to have had the opportunity to do when I was her age. I don't want her to miss this for the World! No pun intended! lol
    So I shall cherish my remaining time with her!
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    I too fought back the tears on this son is such an inspiration to me that i sometimes use his lyrics to describe my own feelings on my websites. He is also an artist and you can see, and hear his music on... soundclick dt cm / thaartoffact .... i believe he will make a huge positive impact on a troubled world, with his music. He may just be the 'anti-eminem'

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  • View author's info Posted on May 21, 2006 at 04:00 PM

    PeggySue may we see some of your son's art and Cutie may we see some of your son's work as well? I love good art and joinery!
  • View author's info Posted on May 20, 2006 at 05:47 PM

    I have enjoyed reading this really touches a Mother's heart.
    My daughter and I are so close. When she was 13 yrs, she said to me, "Mom we can't be friends, not until I'm about 25 yrs old, because I need you to be my Mother and give me guidance and structure in my life." I replied, "Okay, but we can still be friendly, right?" She just turned 17 on May 5. We are the best of friends, and I have always put Motherhood first...disciplining her fairly when required. I can so relate to how you feel PeggySue. I have 3 months left with my daughter, and I am counting the days until she leaves to go away for school. I know she'll be back in Dec. before Xmas, but we've never been apart like this before. Communication will be sparse. I can feel the separation anxiety already! lol
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    Thank you Peggy Sue for indulging me. It is good to reflect and also reinforce those people who help us be who we are today. In that regard, I have been very fortunate.

    My Mother was a strikingly beautiful woman. Dark hair and sparkling blue eyes, fabulous legs. Men loved her, but she had such a beautiful smile, warmth and sense of humour that most women could not help but love her as well. The woman was a natural flirt. She was also a very charismatic Catholic and brought many into the church. We children had a lot of fun with her, she was open to joining us in the pool or the sandbox. If we had an interest in music, art, sports, she would support us to a reasonable extent. From the time we could sit upright, she would read to us at least once a day. She worked hard and did things that crossed gender boundary lines. Here is an example, we were finishing an antique piece (she and I) and she wanted a new piece of formica for the top. The store we went to said, sorry, we cannot cut that shape. So we took a piece home and cut it ourselves. And it was perfect. Unstoppable she was! Sadly she passed away at age 49 when I was 15.

    What does all this rambling mean? What it means to me is this:

    Never rely on looks, use your intellect and personality because that is what lasts.

    Laugh often and make sure others join you.

    Pursue your passions and grow with them.

    You will find out who your true friends are so value and nurture those relationships.

    Nurture your spirit as well as your intellect.

    If something seems a reasonable risk, do it.

    Be grateful and express that gratitude.

    Oh now I am on a roll! lol I have been a world class b*tch, tried it, did not work for me because that is not who I am. Gravitating to my natural state does, which is to do what I do with intention and love. I do fail this often, but keep trying.

    One thing I can say, I've never regretted being generous.
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    Where I was raised, as children we learned the art of conversation while barely able to peer over the tabletop. Such an honor to be allowed to join the adults! Does this sound familiar? Gathering at the table with coffee and usually something sweet one really learned how to be interested and interesting. It did not matter, if one was busy, if a neighbor or business associate stopped in, there was always time to visit and make that person feel welcome.

    That said, there is always time to get on a roll. If you feel like talking, that's what we are here for, to listen.
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    PeggySue1961 write:
    11PM Sunday

    Seattle, thanks for your kind words and wishes. Mother's Day is harder for me than Christmas it because I feel it is my day. Is your mom still living? From what you said I got the impression she is not so correct me if I am wrong. If she is alive or isn't, the fact that you miss her speaks well of her as a mother. The fact that you do miss her also speaks well of you. You two must have had a good relationship.

    Okay, I'm on a roll so you will just have to put up with me.

    In the past I have memorized poetry that I found applied to me. One was about children. I only remember bits and pieces of it but this is what I remember....

    Children learn what they live
    Children live what they learn
    Teach them the way to find love in their hearts
    And they will find love in the world.

    If a child lives with hostility...
    They learn to fight.

    If a child lives with ridicule...
    They learn to condemn.

    If a child lives with acceptance...
    They learn to like themselves.

    If a child lives with praise...
    They learn to appreciate.

    If a child lives with love AND friendship...
    They learn to find love in the world.

    The funny thing I have found is that not only does it apply to children but to animals and adults too. I had a pet that I truly believed was unusually intelligent. He was but was he naturally or because I believed him to be so? A person you believe to be nice, are they because they are or because they know you think of them that way?

    Beautiful! I think you are correct about nice, if we think a person is nice, we treat them that way, so it is as you said. Very interesting.

    My Mother passed away in 1978 and she was a wonderful person. It was just the two of us and my five brothers and father. We were outnumbered! Think of her daily and her grace, her laugh (which was contagious), her life where she found joy in so much. Truly a wonderful woman and many still remember her fondly and share those memories with me. So Mother's Day is a day that is sad, but also filled with gratitude.

    Please continue your roll!
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    That is truly lovely, thank you for sharing this. It makes me miss my Mother even more!

    Happy Mother's Day!
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