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    cutiebooty write:
    Thanks Fiesty we are all dealing with it...some better than others but we are a strong family and although i am lost without my nan i know
    life must go on.When i am a little stronger i will contribute a piece on Borladins causes of cancer thread outlining what happened.It appears to be genetic in our family affecting the blood and lymph system.
    I wanted to ask you are you actually from uk? I have family in Inverness and Sutherland,what a beautiful area.

    I am pleasantly pleased you and your family have maintained your strength through this horrible experience. You posting on Borladins thread would be a great gift you can give not only your Nan but possibly another member of society suffering the pain and loss of a loved one.

    I too have lost both Grans and Gramps as well as other family members. I see death in the face virtually everyday whilst at work. I see the sadness in the faces of their loved ones watching also. My heart still breaks when we as a team are unsuccessful in saving that kindred soul. Yes I do cry for them.

    I am actually from Glasgow Scotland my parents and 3 older siblings were the first to immigrate. Most of my extended family still resides there.
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    Fake on the Internet:

    About 6 years ago I got online. (I know, I was late lol)
    First fake I came across (being such a newbe, I took all of it and naively didnt doubt a thing... I laugh at that in retrospect)was a guy with the beautiful nickname Freemind. We chatted a lot, at one point every day, but getting him to meet me wasn't easy. At one point (after 6!!!! months) we made arrangements for a meeting but helas... the day before the meeting I got a message from (supposedly) Freeminds best friend, saying poor Free had a horrible caraccident and was in a coma now. I wanted to visit him in the hospital, but no... not possible.. the father of Free was supposed to be some famous politicain and he didnt want some online twat at his sons bed, lol.
    Long story short, I've never met him, he hacked in my computer and I managed to hack in his hotmail account! Ha! Was very proud of that, lol. Reading his emails, I saw he had been emailing with some other ladies, one story more unbelievable than the other.
    One lesson learned!
    Then I really got into forums. As I've seen stated, they make either good Jerry Springer or good SoapOperas.
    Fakes can have a ball there, we see that here too.
    I've seen:
    People stating they were leaving the forum because 'the doctor had found a lump.' Faking illnesses is a real favorite for trolls. It gives them a reason to be gone and to immediately come back with another fake personality. One time, I was really hurt when I found out the guy who stated he had cancer, turned out to be a fake. Before I knew that, I had kept contact through emails, he was so 'clever' in describing all the processes like chemo e.a he was going through. He even would send messages with a lot of typos, stating it was really hard for him to type, but couldnt resist answering my email. Blahblah.
    Another thing fakes often do, is take over profiles of well-established forumers. They make a profile where the nick is practically the same as someone elses. For example, change the 'o' into a zero '0' or the 'el' into a capital i 'I' or a one '1'. On some forums, you don't see the difference. (for example: JohnDoe or J0hnDoe, Blondy or B1ondy) Luckily the difference shows here ;-)

    Now I'm not surprised at anything I see happening online. I think the mess on MM with fake profiles isn't even that horrible, considering how much worse it could be lol.
    But I do think that one should always be careful calling someone a fake, a true fake always finds a way to makebelieve he/she is real. (Even with a webcam you never know if it isnt 'the sister or niece' typing at ya!)
    Gut-instinct is what I rely on and next to that... as long as someone is not annoying or harming me, I dont give a rats little furry behind whether I'm dealing with a fake or not. Only when I let myself become more involved, i'll demand proof... witch can only truly be given in real life, as in face to face.
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    It is extremely heart wrenching to see a loved one suffer a terminal illness.
    Very sorry for your loss.
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    cutiebooty write:
    On to the fake thing it has now been proved i am who i say i am...like that makes it all ok now i have proved myself!!! I was publicly sentenced without a trial!!! This has not blurred my vision of internet dating however i will now be on guard.Not about fakes(we all know they exist)but about the women here and some of the men.Luckily im a grounded person and after my short time here i can see who's who.

    I do understand where the frustration of some women here comes from. One never knows how much they already had invested in the faker. I can assure you that I was mad as hell at the guy who said he had cancer, and I publicaly sentenced that guy too, very brutally I might add. After that I too got a bit paranoid about who was real or not.
    At the end you will have to come to the conclusion that you should be aware of the fact a whole lot on the net is fake and just roll with the fun times.
    There has been the suggestion I might not be who I claim to be here too. It is annoying, I agree. But in the end I am sure I'll convince the people I really want to convince, when you have nothing to hide, hide nothing.
    So, sometimes I try to convince, sometimes I find it a waste of time to try it.
    The good thing is, you can always leave and find another place to put your two cents in!
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