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    Hidden Signs: Your mate is late, has vehicle troubles, and unexplained absences. Your mate tells fishy-sounding stories about working odd hours. Your mate won't answer the cell phone or pager when you're around, uses a public telephone frequently, or receives a lot of phone calls that are wrong numbers.

    Emotional Signs: Your mate is more attentive to your needs than usual and even buys you lots of gifts. Your mate's taste in music suddenly changes. Your mate picks fights with you and criticizes you. Your mate is easily offended at comments you make. Your mate stops saying "I love you" and stops being affectionate.

    Physical Evidence: Your mate's car may hold real evidence. The passenger seat is in a different position. It has unfamiliar footprints inside. You find strange jewelry or clothing or gift-wrapping paper inside. Also, your mate may make unexplained ATM withdrawals, won't let you see the credit card bill, or comes home smelling better than when he or she left the house.

    sually there's a huge change in attitude. They'll feel guilty so they won't cuddle or make love. You catch them in lies, suddenly they go out without you a lot more....

    You can always tell, it's just a matter of whether or not you want to see the signs

    They will start working alot of overtime, or meeting up with the boys, or start a new hobby that you cant join in on

    Lipstick around the collar, reeking of perfume, doesn't want sex-not in the mood, some extreme butt kissing, coming home late after work, going out and staying out late

    f you receive multiple phone calls, especially from the same phone number, and the person hangs up when you pick up the phone

    He or She is suddenly taking a great interest in their appearance - clothing, hair style, cologne, and weight - it could be a sign that they are cheating.

    purchase a new cell phone or pager so that you don't have access to the incoming call list.

    The biggest sign of a cheater is when you ask him directly if he or she is having an affair and he will not answer or look you in the eye

    But the best way to tell is by your heart. We seem to ignore that feeling all the time. Remember people will lie to you all the time. While your heart will remain forever truthful.

    To you friend. I hope this helps
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    I just went through a very expensive divorce. There is a very new technique. Remember law enforcement has their own ways. Guess who gets the technology next? Sorry to be vague, but it's often the deal maker and breaker for abusive spouses trying to run up an attorney bill.

    I agree. The heart is the best measure of all, but people can surprise you. I could swear on the bible about certain things, but later learned things about others I though impossible. People lie, cheat, steal and break your heart. However, I hope never to give up hope. I love the above post. But I could be lying... wink, wink!
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    There's a great cd I listened to on detecting lying. One of it's tips was ask a series of questions to which the person has to remember a scenario. Their eyes move in a specific direction. Then ask them the question in which you expect them to lie. their eyes move to the other side... the other brain hemisphere is activated. Wnother way is tightening about the mouth, and the easiest with a 40% strike rate... if the answer does not shorten their words ie if they use can not instead of can't. Apparently minimalising words is a sign of truth. Also if the person places a palm on their chest. Interesting hey.
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