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    The quickest & best meals...there is a little grocery store called Sunterra Market...there are 3 around the City. It has an incredible deli section with a variety of 10 different salads to choose from: coleslaw, fruit, Greek, chickpea, broccolli/grapes, bruschetta, mixed rice & vegetables, etc. Then it has a hot section with herbed baby potatoes, wild rice, cabbage rolls, honey glazed pork chops (2" thick), salmon fillet with mango salsa, meatballs, sweet'n sour ribs, b.b.q. chicken, mixed vegetables (asparagus, red/yellow/green peppers, onions, broccoli, sugar snap peas, etc.)...
    Three minutes to drive there, 5 min. to pick it all out, 3 min. home, 5 minutes in the microwave & presto...a gourmet meal for just under $8/person! I did it just last evening, and my parents thought I slaved over the stove! HA!
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  • View author's info Posted on Apr 11, 2006 at 11:52 AM

    cutiepie01 write:
    What are some quick meal ideas? Im getting bored with every day food. Does anyone have some favorite quick meals to share?

    Pizza delivery!
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    Fruit loops
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    Call it what you want but its a layered dish that consists of black eyed peas, broccoli and cheese. Peas on the bottom, broccoli in the middle and melted cheese on top. Make a big batch, have it fresh from the kitchen and save the rest. Reheat in the microwave for 1 minute and there's ur quick vegetarian friendly meal... Serve with ur favorite beverage
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    Salmon Fillet (or any firm-fleshed fish)

    Put skin side down on an all metal grill pan or your broiler pan, brush with ex vir olive oil, sprinkle with dried dill, sea salt, fresh cracked pepper and broil (yes, broil) for 13 minutes. There will be a bit of a brown crust, but the inside will be moist.

    While that is broiling, stir fry broccoli in a little oil, while still tender crisp, stir in a little water and a couple of tablespoons of oyster sauce. Remove from heat and cover.

    A rice cooker is a great, foolproof way to cook white or brown rice and my fav, barley (more nutritious, just add a bit more water than you would to cook rice). You can serve this as well. If you make too much rice, not to worry, you can put the rice cooker insert with the cover in the fridge, then reheat by adding a little water.

    Best thing is to buy good (preferably organic) ingredients and prepare them simply. Feed yourself the way you deserve.

    The alternative is just to come to my house (moving to FL in August) and I will send some food home with you!
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    I love salads, so this is a quick (5 mins. max) nutritious meal. I use pre-washed spring mix salad greens, half or a whole can of mandarin oranges, chopped up celery hearts, salad booster which is made of several kinds of nuts and top it off with a poppyseed dressing. You can also add a sliced chicken breast for some protein if you like. It's a bit on the sweeter side, but delicious & very appealing too.
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    I was going to suggest similar to Goodlife's...
    Cook frozen chicken breast in microwave for approx. 10 min. Cut into strips placing on a soft tortilla, add chopped onion, lettuce, shredded cheese, salsa, cumin to taste (I love lots), roll it up and eat away...15 min. max to prepare!
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    Here's one for ya' that will give you TWO quick meals.

    Buy a package of Schillings Pot Roast seasonings, 4 new potatoes (that's the one's with the red skin guys...grin...,) baby carrots, and an onion and a roast (7 bone or crown, 'bout 3 pounds, whatever...)put in bag (supplied by Schillings or McCormicks)add Worchestershire sauce, garlic flakes, fresh or bottled, and the Shillings mix as per their recipe, plus baby carrots, potatoes and onion. Cook in oven for about an hour and 30 minutes at 350 degrees.

    You'll have a great meal that is easy to prepare and cook.

    THEN...save all leftovers except potatoes.

    Buy 2 pie shells, bottle of beef gravy, can of new potatoes,frozen mixed veggies, and add all ingredients (meat, mixed vegetables after you have steamed them, potatoes,gravy, carrots, onions and juices from pot roast)inside the bottom pie shell. Cover the mix with the other pie shell to form an upper crust. Punch a few holes in upper crust with a fork for ventilatin'...

    Put in oven at 400 degrees and cook for about an hour to an hour and a half. VOILA!!!! (or as we say in da' South...WALLERS!!!) Easy Homemade MEAT PIE!!!

    Two meals...quick fixin's and CHEAP and filling. Consume both with a nice bottle of Cabernet or Merlot and it don't get much better than that for a simple,easy,fast dinners for a single-type person.

    Even YOU guys can do this one...heh, heh, heh...HAVE FUNNNNNNNN!!!
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    My favorite: Buy some rice, a jar of salsa, some cheap beef or chicken bits (scraps meant for soup), and some taco seasoning and/or cumin.

    Brown the meat and cook the rice. Toss it together and throw in the can of salsa. Season to taste; salt always helps.

    Serve with tortilla chips. Enjoy!
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    run for the border Taco Bell Lol

    No serious...tuna salad is quick... with a little light mayo, sweet pickles, white onions , celery , walnuts....presto..

    another fast meal is to me grilling ,

    and always veggies at the same time...
    10 minute meals...usually require precooked meats and a little cheating...wink...
    My housekeeper in Barbados makes a better potaoe salad then even us southerners..But when I have a party I am naughty and take full credit sorrrrrrrrrrrrrry just me being naughty naughty
  • View author's info Posted on Apr 03, 2006 at 05:00 PM

    Grab the keys and run out the door to the nearest good resturant! Unless it is prime dinner time, that is normally pretty quick. :o)
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