From Russia with what? Long Distance Relationship

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    how does one protect themselves from a scam. i hav a lady from russia who wants to come visit me. she wants me to pay for here vis and travel ticket. how do i know its for real and wont get scammed. what can i do to protect myself.
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    Its almost impossible for not married single russian/ukrainian woman get visa for USA, so all these who are asking for money for visa are fakes. You should come to her first.

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    Aha, another "millioner" talking...

  • View author's info posted on Feb 10, 2014 04:50

     I think you are pretender ( even not a great one) you have no money to pay a membership and worrying about your (hypothetical) millions ?????? 3-ha-ha( 2 times)

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    If she is  honest working women, she probably nave not this amount of money in Russia (espesially, if she a single mom)

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    What the problem, buy ticket for her passport's name and  send some money for visa.. Big deal..


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    Hello dear ! I can help you , what to do ..... I am Russian lady and have same situation before , my man invite me to live with him to Holland . When she really love you , she can come to you and  you can pay for ticket , when she already with you , or you go to Russia and come back tygether !  Hugs -- Julia 

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    This seems like a common scam that is occurring now days. I would be very suspicious. 

  • View author's info posted on Jan 03, 2014 21:49

    It's amazing how many people are ready to give advice on the subject without having the slightest idea about the Russian culture, mentality, psychology, history, or outlook on life. Traveling to 78 countries or having met a few Russian women in Hollywood  doesn't make you an expert on intercultural marriages.

    Let me dispel some of the common misconceptions about Russia, including the current state of economy,  and preferences of Russian women. 

    1. Moscow is currently one of the wealthiest cities in the world where the concept of luxury and style is an essential component of an every day life of a Russian woman. Hence her desire to find a wealthy man to keep up or compete with her girl- friends. ( If everyone has a mink coat in Russia, why can't I have one too?) Russian society, just like American society, has certain expectations, and everyone is doing their best to meet them. 

    2. From a psychological standpoint, there is another reason for their quest for a rich man: for a majority of Russian women wealth is associated with POWER and (what is even more important!) SEX APPEAL, so having a rich husband (preferably the one who made his fortune himself without inheriting it from his mommy and daddy) equals having a powerful and sexy partner.

    2. From an economical standpoint, there are more millionaires and billlionaires in Russia than in any other country, so it's foolish to think that most Russians girls are dying to marry an American millionaire. Besides, most Russian millionaires/billionaires are more generous with gifts and tokens of affection than their American counterparts. (Take,for example, Vlad Doronin and Naomi ). 

    3. Saying or implying  that all Russian women are scammers or gold diggers is just like saying that all American men are cheap. Every culture has its good and bad, so there is no need to generalize.

    4. Yes, most Russian women don't take crap from anyone, and I hate to rain on your parade, but making them sign a prenuptial would equal giving them crap. Most of them will despise you after that. Do you want to know why? First of all, if you don't trust her with your finances, how can you trust her with her life? Every relationship is based on trust. If there is no trust, how are you going to sleep in the same bed with her??? Secondly, if you are thinking about protecting yourself, it shows how insecure you are and INSECURITY in the eyes of a Russian woman means WEAKNESS. And if you are weak, your money means nothing, and she will automatically loose respect for you. 

    5. Again, I am not generalizing, but some American men looking to conquer the heart of a Russian  woman ( millionaires or not) need to learn one thing, perhaps the most important thing in this world - how to grow some balls. That's an asset that every Russian woman admires!

    I'll leave it at that.:-)

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    Please don't do it, I had a friend once that did this, he sent her $5000.00 he turned up to the airport and waited and waited and she never showed, she had been pretending for months! meet half way or go to her ;)

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    Quoting fitnfla:

    how does one protect themselves from a scam. i hav a lady from russia who wants to come visit me. she wants me to pay for here vis and travel ticket. how do i know its for real and wont get scammed. what can i do to protect myself.

    I just came across this topic and feel sorry - first sorry for Russian ladies..who have this image ( yes, there are scammers, but as someone said in the post above - scammers are in every country) 

    I know Russian ladies who are sincerely looking for love and are ready to fly overseas and live in another foreign country with the man, to raise family and children and change their lifes. It is not an easy thing to do, you know - changing countries.. And believe me, if they do , they do because they have feelings, not for money.

    Someone wrote here : Moscow has more money nowadays than US. And it is very true: and people in Moscow do not hesitate to spend money, as consumption here is very high and people live by present moment, not saving for the future..


    And I am sorry for men, who have prejudices and stereotypes in their minds, and not able to distinguish between the lady who is love with him, and a serial scammer... It should be so obvious!!

    When you say "she wants to visit me".. "She wants me to pay..."

    What do YOU WANT? You say nothing of your own wishes - do you want her to come or not?

    Listen to your wishes, open your eyes, call this lady and listen to her voice; call her on Skype and see if her eyes are sparkling as she talks to you - that is how you can see if she wants YOU.


    At your place, I would ask a question " How do I know this lady really LOVES ME? and WANTS ME?"

    Thas is the first question to ask.. not the one "how to protect myself"


    PLease men be THE MEN ... if you want a woman, and real woman in your life, do not think of "protection" first thing..


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    Do not send money. Most of what was said above is true. 

  • View author's info posted on Nov 09, 2013 15:15

    Please you need to be out of your mind if you do that!!!!!!!!!!!!! you gotta be will be just her TOOL!!!!!!!!! walk away from it !!!! and save you the $$$$ and the embarrasment as well as the grief!!! why go overseas when here in the USA you have stunning ladies!!!

    Dont be a fool!!!!!!!!!!!

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    You should worry. She just want the access to America. she has all her friends already here. Don't be the   Next idiot

  • View author's info posted on Oct 21, 2013 11:10

    You can go see her somewhere on neutral territory. That's what I've done 13 years ago - in Amsterdam. Eveyrhing worked fine! Don't worry. She should worry about protecting herself, not you.

  • View author's info posted on Oct 20, 2013 17:34

    Don't do it!!!! Men are so easily deceived because of someone's youth, beauty, and sex appeal.

  • View author's info posted on Aug 12, 2013 14:28

    I like this guy moving ahead more and more. The more I read him , the more I agree with what he says. His experiences have been my experiences
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    Oh, how many mean people here. Did you know that Moscow takes the first place by numbers of billionaires in the World? So who wants a man just for the money may well settle in Russia. No need to think in stereotypes, of course, anything can happen, but not just when it comes to Russian. Many women used to the fact men have to pay for them, and perhaps this can be found at the beginning of the communication. And what about the real feelings of man who discusses such matters on forums? Is it normal now?))

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    Dont buy for her tickets-any serious woman will found some money for tickets and then you can give her this money-but you will be sure she is serious on her visit to you. Any way try to explane - you will give to she money when she will come. But i think the best way to know her better just tell her what you are thinking in reality and you will understand what she needs from you your money or visit you.
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    to everyone, who is in doubt to whether buy her plane tickets or not- DO NOT! They won't be able to get visa as Russians are treated with much disrespect in the US embassies.
    If you are so much in love with her- go ahead and plan your trip there.
    I would strongly suggest watching for some Ukrainian females acting up in order to get money from a foreign guy, but gee aren't they gorgeous!!

    A great insider's tip - don't look for 18-year old cutes if you are 65. Look for 45+ and you will be surprised at what's "available". the most sincere, loving and devoted women, who take great care of themselves (and look very pretty) and their loved ones. There is your target market- they won't cheat or try to scam you as they are really looking for their second half (they've got no time to waste).

    To all of the perverts looking to get some free naked photos (or even in the bikini), would you marry someone who sends out her nude photos to a stranger? Really? Show some respect and you shall be treated as a nice guy. of my friends are in the international marriages, all met online and family values + education thoseĀ  Russian ladiesĀ  brought in their lives are to die for.

    Good luck in your search everyone!
    PM me if you need a great dating site which actually takes care of the scammers and pre-screens the female members with their ID and by phone interview.
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