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    Movies are just "cartoons for adults" yet the best of movies have hidden within them "pearls of wisdom" if one is smart enough to recongize them. Movies are the quickest, most entertaining way to "peer into someone's mind". It's easy...if you kind of like a person you just look at the movie(s) that another person likes and then try to figure out WHY that person likes those movies and discuss it with them.. (you can do the same thing by reading a book.....but that takes too long). I've given a lot of thought as to which movies say volumns about Life, Love, a Person's Word, What the Natural Course of a Lie is, Boundaries, What a real Heel is, What Scientific Responsibility is for the future, How a woman should be treated, Can Two People Argue Over The Same Thing and Both be Right, A Woman of Conviction who will not equivocate, whether or not you have to get something to be human, and a look into both sides of a personality "The Intellectual" side and "The Emotional" side. I've narrowed it down to 6 movies...(there are others)
    The movies in order are: "SHANE", "LORD JIM", "COOL HAND LUKE", "HUD", "CHARLY" and "THE MISFITS". Has anyone seen these movies? If so what are your thoughts?
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  • View author's info Posted on Apr 08, 2006 at 07:02 PM

    I remember Charley but I never saw it. My favorite movie is Made in Heaven.

    I agree with you AO about how movies can lead to dialog about Love. We often find it difficult to express ourselves when we have a personal stake in the answer but a movie sets it apart. Discerning someones personality can be a fun challenge and there are tests that can help with that. I have taken the Myer-Briggs and it shows that I am both analytical and emotional. Professionally I am an INTJ but on a personal level I am an INFP. The thinking/analytical side is replace by the feeling/emotional side at home. The judgemental/right and wrong of decision making is also replaced by the perceptual/"it depends" attitude needed to be sensitive at home.

    I have learned that people are complex but they can be understood when there is genuine interest and no hidden agenda. These are the qualities that lead to a deep relationship. Movies show both the innocent aspects of falling in love and the dark side when trust is abused.

    At the very least movies lead to great discussions and entertainment. In America we are lucky to have variety and a recent indy film, Sage Green Gaze was the inspiration to my profile name here. We can certainly talk more about films if you would like to contact me.
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    nopppppppppe, never heard about any of them
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