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    Two things

    Quite often a woman will say "I want to be spoiled, and I deserve it."

    Why does anyone deserve to be spoiled??

    Does anyone deserve to be born to a life of poverty? I think deserving to be spoiled and deserving to be impoverished are about the same. No one deserves either.

    Which leads to my second thought. It is more of an essay really. I send it to the women who think they deserve to be spoiled.

    They never write back ??????????????

    Imagine you are tooling around town in your Ferrari. It?s your third car. You mostly take it out for Sunday drives. You are crossing some train tracks and the car dies. A train is coming towards you. You notice a switch that will send the train down another track. But seated on the other track is a house filled with starving African refugees. If you throw the switch the refugees will all, die. What do you do?? I would hope you let the train hit the car. But here is the rub. By choosing to buy the car and not using the money to make the world a better place are you not in effect killing the refugees anyway?

    I have sent this story to hundreds of people. The response is almost always the same.

    Actually the most common response is nothing. But those who do respond usually say I work hard, etcetera, etcetera, I deserve, etcetera, etcetera.

    But if you own 3 Ferraris, or even one for that matter, it is as much about luck as it is about deserving. If your are Shaquille Oneal and you were lucky enough to get the genes you got you are just as lucky as the child born to poverty and oppression is unlucky. There is no harder work NO harder life than imposed poverty and NO ONE deserves that life.

    Let?s look at it a different way. How much does that 5th Hummer increase the quality of your life? How much more happy are you with that car than you would be with out it? The difference is marginal at best. You probably would not even notice the difference if it was not in the garage. But you do have a 5 car garage and have to keep it filled. How much does it cost to fix a hair lip on a poor little girl in Bolivia, maybe $ 5,000? So instead of spending $ 50,000 on that car and making your life a tiny bit better, why not make 10 lives infinitely better?

    I was having lunch with a friend and before we went to lunch we popped into a jewelry store. She has a friend who makes jewelry and she wanted to show it to me. We were looking and I recognized a belt that my friend wears. I asked how much for the belt. The salesperson said $ 5,000. My friend has a $ 5,000 belt!!!

    So while we were having lunch I asked my friend how much different her life would be if she did not have the belt. ?Not much? she said. Then I asked. ?If your granddaughter had a hair lip and you had to sell the belt to fix it what would you do.? She said, ?Well I would just take the money out of the bank.? I pointed out that this was all fantasy/hypothesis and that we have to assume that selling the belt is the only way to repair her grand daughter?s hair lip. Then she said. ?Of course I would sell the belt, she?s family.? I said. ?We are all family. All of us are one family, one human race. It is about compassion knowing that when you buy something extravagant and wasteful you are stealing bread from a starving child. I know it?s hard because we live in an extravagant country. But you have to know this grand and lavish American way of life is one of the main reasons why the rest of the world hates us. And, why they hijack airplanes and crash them into our sky scrapers.? She said, ?Well what am I supposed to do?? I wrote this down on a piece of paper and handed it to her. ?Live simply so that others may simply live.?

    A couple of days later I was thinking about a singer I saw once. His name was T-Buck. He was talking between songs and he said. ?You know we worship all kinds of things, money, Jesus, cars, Buddha, Allah, but more than any of those things we should worship each other.? I recently went to the Philippines. It?s amazing what the internet can do. I googled Philippine surf camp, and a week later I was stepping off of a twin propeller, 12 seat airplane onto tiny island in the middle of nowhere, PI. This island is so remote that they can not get many types of heavy machinery there, so they can not make gravel with machines. Instead they use people. The human gravel makers squat on their heels, with hammers and chisels, and break up rocks. They do it 8 hours a day, 6 days a week, with no safety glasses, no protection on their hands, for 25 cents an hour, $ 2 a day. Even though I was half way around the world, on the very cusp of civilization The Catholic Church was everywhere. One evening began with the sound of church bells ringing, and a bit later I could hear the choir too. Then a few hours later a small stream of people trickled into the neighbors place, maybe 20 in all. They ate dinner and then began to sing and pray. As they were singing I was thinking about T-Buck. It suddenly occurred to me that more than anything the world needs ?The Church of Each Other?.

    So I say that if you have 100 pairs of shoes, $ 10,000 watches, 5 ferraris, etc., you are worshiping yourself, and you lack a certain type of compassion or maybe you just are just conveniently not paying attention. I am not advocating life in a tent. I am just saying to make conscious choices, and don?t be frivolous, and wasteful. You can still have a nice house, a nice car, etc., but just THINK. That?s all just THINK, and be aware that we all are one. And whatever you take for yourself that is more than you what NEED you are taking from someone else.

    I would like to close with a quote from Bill Maher.

    Women think about diamonds the way men think about sex, the way leeches think about blood," Bill Maher once remarked. "But diamonds have a lot of blood on them, even without the terrorist connection, because they can not be traced diamonds are used by terrorists, to launder and move money. Diamond mines in Africa are controlled by rebel armies, and the rebel armies control the territory and make the villagers mine the diamonds. The villagers are basically slaves and the Rebels control them through terror, through such lovely things as cutting off the arms of the little children - something you never see in the De Beers commercials. An amputation is forever.

    Now, I told this to a woman recently, who was only about the nicest person I've ever met - but she is a woman. And I told her about Africa and the armies and the rebels and the terror and the cutting off the arms of the little children. And she looked up at me with a little sad face and said, Both arms?

    Remember Beannie Babies??? Diamonds are pretty much the same thing. I used to be in the jewelry business. Jewelry is what is called a created market. The market is driven by perceived value. What that means is that really good marketers make really good ads and they make us gullible consumers think that diamonds, beanie babies, whatever are rare, valuable, and worth a lot of money. Diamonds are a dime a dozen, it just so happens that most of them come from Africa and not that many people mine them. SO, the diamond miners got together about 100 years ago and decided to limit the supply and they did a really great job of marketing. They used to pay MILLIONS of dollars to make movies with big movie stars just so they could have a scene where the Brad Pitt of the day would ask the Angelina Jollie of the day to marry her and he would give her a diamond ring. So now in today?s times Diamonds are Forever, Every Kiss Begins with Kay, and on and on. They do a GREAT JOB!!!! Those are great ads!!!! Have you noticed that the folks who run the Diamonds are Forever ads are the De Beers family. Those are the folks who mine the diamonds. They don?t care where you buy the diamonds, just as long as you buy them. So anyone reading this ever pay over $ 50 for a beanie baby??? Feel kind of silly? Maybe in a 100 years or so people will look back and say, those silly 20th century people used to pay large amount of money for bags of beans and shiny rocks.

    And by the way those diamond miners, the De Beers and their friends are the same folks who brought us one hundred years of Apartheid and complete racial domination in South Africa. 100 years of white folks KICKING BLACK ASS!!! I am serious, in the last 20 years literally Millions of people in countries like the Congo have been killed in power struggles over diamonds.

    Anyway that?s about it

    Looking forward to your responses!!!
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  • View author's info Posted on Apr 02, 2008 at 04:10 PM

    wwww12345 is the best example why the silly and emotional youth of any nation should never be given the chief executive position. He tells us his training as a graduate of American liberal schools made him use an emotional pont of view in how he saw the world.
    Doing many of the things that need to be accomplished are difficult and involve making very tough decisions and sometimes you must be heartless to make the right choice.
    Bleeding heart liberals make things worse everywhere in the world because they never actually solve problems. Liberals always prolong the overall suffering by using some kind of temporary aid that only makes the bleeding hearts feel better, it does not solve the basic problem.
    The problem then needs a draconian solution to answer the original problem.
    Feeding 1 million poor and unsustainable people who insist on living in an area that is now the desert is heartless in its motives.
    Liberals fed them just long enough so they can have more children to replace the ones that died so even more died in the end.
    That was part of the result of Clintons efforst in Mogadishu, most americans know it from the movie Blackhawk Down.
    What many americans dont know is that 24 of our bravest died because clinton would not allow heavy armor to be shipped with the units to the area, Clintons reason??? He didnt want his allies to think he was heavy handed in his approach to dealing with the bandits of the area.
  • View author's info Posted on Dec 21, 2007 at 12:33 AM

    Wow. Quite a scenario. I understand maybe there would be litte response because people as you put it "women" like diamonds and want to be spoiled. Not that I am saying you generalized but reading it that way, I guess some people take offense and feel you are speaking of them (or someone they know :0)

    Maybe saying in the "circles you travel" the women seem to be that way. I am CERTAINLY NOT saying you need to change your ad, but maybe that keeps some people away as you rhetorically suggested in your profile.

    That being said, some points are surely valid as you can only speak from your own personal experience.

    How about women with different experiences? I have been to Istanbul, South Africa, Portugual, Italy etc. These were not places by choice. My father was in the military and I had no say in where I wound up. I never developed an afinity for diamonds seeing first hand and prefer silver and turquoise which is mined quite naturally in various areas in the US. I prefer being spoiled in nature and treat MYSELF well and expect other people not to judge me when I do so. You would be surprised by the amount of people (men and women) that judge woman for taking care of themselves and the amount of men who ask "whos taking care of you?"

    It has to do with what people choose in their life as important. I spoil myself with good company, time, attention a fullfilling career and treating myself well. Which Everyone should. Some people feel Diamonds and cars are for them (including people I Know personal.
    Instead on the focus being on What You Seem TO FIND AND DO NOT LIKE MAYBE you should speak more about what you WISH and hope to find. You KNOW she is out there or you Doubt she is out there until she proves you wrong?

    My grandmother used to say "Sure is like a negative Thought to Keep a Good One (man or lady) Away!"
    I think she is there. We all love to love different things and would love to know more about what you lo...
  • View author's info Posted on Feb 22, 2007 at 06:54 AM

    I'd definatley save the people, typical ferrari breaking down! Then I'd have a moan at ferrari and get them to send a replacement!(not that they would) or sell the story and buy a better more reliable car. or one that you don't mind leaving on the train track like mine!lol.
  • View author's info Posted on Sep 19, 2006 at 01:50 PM

    And by the way, I totally agree with you about people who live a life of excess. There are many better things to do with the money. I liked the way Sam Walton, the richest person in the world (while he was alive)lived his life. Its interesting reading. He drove a old pick-up truck, had a simple office, but created jobs and fortunes for millions. There are more little old lady millionaires that worked for his company than you would believe (via stock options).
  • View author's info Posted on Sep 19, 2006 at 01:49 PM

    This is old data, 1999, but it does give you some idea about population growth. It is from the UN.

    1. According to the official United Nations population estimates and projections (United Nations Population Division, World Population Prospects: The 1998 Revision), India's population will reach the 1 billion mark on August 15 this year, coinciding with its Independence Day. China's population passed the 1 billion mark 19 years earlier, on July 31, 1980.

    2. China remains the most populous country in the world, with a total population size of 1.27 billion in mid-1999, followed by India. The country with the third largest population is the United States, with 276 million people.

    3. It is projected that India will have a larger population than China by the year 2045, when United Nations projections indicate a total population of India of 1.501 billion and of China of 1.496 billion.

    4. India, with an annual population growth rate of 1.65 per cent, is the largest contributor to world population growth, accounting for 21 per cent of the 78 million annual increment to the world. China contribes about 15 per cent to annual world population growth.

    5. By 2016, the population of India (1.22 billion) is expected to be larger than the population of all the more developed countries combined (that is, all the countries of Europe (including Russia), Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Canada and the United States).

    6. China and India will most likely remain the only members of the 1 billion-population club. According to the United Nations projections, no other country will reach a population size of 1 billion persons.
  • View author's info Posted on Sep 14, 2006 at 11:17 PM

    I certainly agree with most of what you have said, but would like to point out what I think is a couple of flaws in your thinking. Lets take the example of the starving African refugees.

    40 years ago I could not stand to look at the pictures of the people in Africa starving, the children with ribs showing, dying of simple illnesses, etc.

    Then one day, I did a little math. If we save a million of those kids, who grow up to adults and have 10 kids who we keep alive, who grow up and have 10 kids that we keep alive, then in two generations we will have 111 million starving or 1111 million (1.11 billion) starving in three generations. At some point, there will not be enough food on earth to feed just that one bunch of folks and their descendants. What are the rest of the people on the earth going to eat and where are they going to live?

    So, I hardened my heart and decided that if a country, tribe, race, or religion, did not practice birth control, that it is far better to loose a million people today than a billion in the future. It is a hopeless cause to try to save them, and in fact, you are making the situation worse for the world in the future. Also, Population pressures are the root cause of many of the wars in the world, so saving those millions may actually cause future wars.

    Any, you correctly pointed out that whites in Africa controlled the wealth for a 100 years. Then you pointed out that now blacks are fighting over the wealth, enslaving others, etc. What you failed to point out is that black, white, Arab, Asian, or whatever race or tribe: easy and large amounts of wealth generates greed, and greed results in all types of the worst crimes. We could talk about drugs, oil, diamonds, casinos, or whatever, and the end result is the same. The ruthless will usually control the wealth unless they do something unlawful, get caught, and even then, often get by with it, especially in third world countries.

    So, what are the real and lasting solutions?
  • View author's info Posted on Jun 11, 2006 at 12:01 AM

    I am in awe. You have got such a valid and insightful point. I agree that we should worry more about others than we do our own possessions. If I drove a 2007 Hummer, I'd be no better human being than if I drove a 1997 Accord. Oh and here is a shot of one of those movies you were talking about.

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  • View author's info Posted on Apr 03, 2006 at 08:54 PM

    I like diamonds have a collection, vipers I drive one > and I worship myself,
    I understad your pain, and I'll call the executive vice-president and have a word with him, he's my buen amigo
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