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    Etiquette seems to vary round the world, chewing gum is a total no no for a lady, mouth open or closed. In KL spitting or dropping gum on the sidewalk brings a heavy fine or a stretch in prison. How you hold a knife and fork in Europe marks you out as to your social background.
    Walking between the road and your girl, going first down stairs but last upstairs , tipping your soup bowl away from you not towards you, are all indications of being brought up rather than dragged up
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    beautynbrains4u write:
    I couldn't agree more Sharpe and ladies. My mother was a stickler for table manners: mouth closed when chewing food, elbows off the table, no reaching across the table, proper use of utensils (but I still don't understand why we need so many different forks, spoons, glasses at a formal table

    I think we could extrapolate a bit here on proper etitquette and manners on the, but lets not!! BTW, i've always found your main pic to be one of the naturale :)).

    I agree with you ladies. I was taught to always have good manners, especially at the table. I am 54 years old and when I am home visiting my mother I still watch my manners very closely when eating with her. I think society in general has no manners. We are deteriorating rapidly into oblivion. It's a matter of pride I think. Most young people have none.
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    Hi Grapes!

    Thank you for the lovely compliment, and right back at ya too! I also hate when people talk with food in their mouths. Who wants to look at that???

    I believe there are laws or by-laws in place with regard to spitting, but have never heard of them enforced unfortunately. I agree it is also a health hazard, and the other peeve I have is people who spit out their gum on the streets or sidewalk! Next thing you know, you've stepped in it and now it's your problem when all they had to do was dispose of it in the numerous garbage cans placed along the way. One thing I've never understood is why people stick their unwanted gum underneath a table in a restaurant, it's digusting, but I do remember being fascinated as a kid to see how many pieces of gum were under my table, much to my mother's dismay lol.

    The world would be a nicer, cleaner place if we'd all just practice a bit of common courtesy and manners.
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    Hi Sharp!

    I am in total agreement about the ettiquette thing and am always appalled when I see anyone chewing anything with their mouth open. I have always taught my son to have good table manners and also add good manners will take you far in life.

    I've been to social affairs where like you, people are dressed to the nines, yet their manners are deplorable. I've always noticed my sons friends' table manners when they eat with us, and most chew with their mouths open and nine times out of ten, once his friends leave, my son will always comment on how badly they eat.

    I think maybe it is time to start teaching ettiquette in the schools, it's definitely a lost art.

    The other thing I despise is spitting! I see so many people do it, and to me this is far worse than chewing with your mouth open. If I see someone doing it, I inevitably let an "ewwww" out almost involuntarily. Lots of kids seem to do this nowadays, but there are plenty of adults too! Don't know why they feel the need, but it's digusting!
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    Hmm no..

    Hey Sharp1 never the less a good post, hope you enjoyed your cruise.
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