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    Call me a sucker for punishment, but I would love to marry a doctor!
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    marrying a doctor is a fairytale. At least where I am from, I am raised from family of doctors and honestly, doctors are one of the most unhappiest professions I have known (no offense) i just have known soo many more unhappy drs than happy ones...actuallyi have yet to meet a "happy dr" its not like a tv show....a doctor requires TONS of tormenting education and experience, yet now ppl think dr make lots of $$$$ but the truth be told they don't. Thanks obama for helping out on that cause. Doctors are a total cliche that are completely mistaken....lawyers are the scumbags I have problems with..they keep the pony show running as most ppl know
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    I have always had this thing for professions. Like , i alwyas dreamed of my man to have some unusual, non common profession.. for example an astronaut or a fencer :P

    That would be so cool indeed.

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    I work in the medical field and I have only admiration for Doctors' Be proud of yourself it takes a lot of work and personal discipline to become a Doctor and a lot of work to remain a good one.
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    Many job professions call for substantial portions of ones' family or relationship time. I have been in a relationship with someone in the military. I tended his home, business and other affairs in addition to my own while he was away for a year. I understood that there would be times where he was away for multiple weeks/months on training courses or other military business. And I wasn't even married to him while I adapted to this lifestyle! I think there needs to be maturity and respect as to adapting to the other partners life choices in this regard and others. You have chosen a wonderful calling, you do need to have leeway and not be made to feel guilty for the time it demands of you to do the job well. Your partner should be able to respect and support this.
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    Apocryphal write:

    In that time, and in the years since, women have wised up. They've realized that the long hours and dedication to patients required of doctors makes for poor marriage and family material. And during those decades, many women have become doctors themselves. A busy female physician has no starry-eyed longing for a fellow doctor, with whom her overbooked schedule will compete.

    It is good that my main motivation for going into medicine was the desire to help people, since my other reason has not borne fruit. And it is perhaps divine justice and delicious irony that a naive belief in my profession's ability to attract women was but a pipe dream.

    Okay, I'll stop feeling sorry for myself now. My self-pitying rant is done.

    I've been a nurse in a busy neonatal intensive care unit for just over six years. I've spent way too many holidays, weekends, all-nighters, beautiful days, etc. sitting next to a doctor watching over a kid that was in the process of going down the drain. As a mother that has children who were sitting at home wanting me to be with them, I know that many of those doctors have wives/kids at home that just want him to be at home with them during those family occasions also. How many of us voluntarily spend Christmas day in a hospital taking care of someone else's sick child, while our own kids are being taken care of by someone else?

    Let me try to remember my point here. The fantasy of being married to the young rich successful doctor fades away when you see the reality of the doctor that is rarely home and gets called back to work on the nights that he does manage to get family time. I love most of the doctors that I work with and their commitment to saving lives is truly amazing. Too many of them let it take away their own lives though. It's a job hazard, I suppose.
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    you are not old at all :)
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    s not a myth , girls still dream to marry a doctor , i do too :)
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