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    sweendogr write:
    I dont even remember my first bj,lol.

    do you remember your last one? lmao!
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    thegoodlife421 write:
    I remember mine! I think I was, perhaps, nine years old.

    I was riding my bicycle, trying to cross the street, and the neighborhood bad boys were on their bikes preventing me from crossing. I went home all weepy and frustrated and complained to my parents that the boys were picking on me.

    My father said: "The next time one of them gets in your way, just kiss him. That'll teach 'em!"

    So I got back on my bike, determined to reach my destination. The oldest boy in the gang, I remember his name was John, blocked me and would not let me pass, so I did what my father said and kissed him.

    He fell off his bike!

    The other ones, fearing girl germs, beat a hasty retreat.

    I learned my lesson that day!

    aawwwhhh, I do,it was in a tent my dad put up for us as kids, and the nieghbor boy kissed me in it, I felt ashamed, but yet excited!!!!I think I was 11, and it was such an innocent time in my life....
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    Yes, I remember. We still see each other every time I go home to Alabama. We both say it was the best kiss we ever had. She is married and director of a hospital and no I haven't kissed her on my visits home except on the cheek. I became friends with her husband and she and I still go fishing on her fathers farm. Best friends since we were 5 and 6. Still are.
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    The first woman I ever kissed or received a kiss from was my Mom, as an infant (isn't that true for most guys)? :)

    My first kiss with someone who is not geneticaly related was at the age of 12, in the schoolyard. It was awkward for both of us, lol!

    On a similiar topic, a woman once told me that the first time she had sexual intercourse was at the age of 4, with a boy her age. I don't think this is possible?
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    Goodlife great topic, funny when reading your forum, it honesty brought a smile to my face, I was so taken by my first kiss, my heart pounded all the time when this young man was around me..Funny thing is, I,m still in contact with this person till this day we are good friends.. Thanks for the memories
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    I dont even remember my first bj,lol.
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    my first kiss "Tony" from Boston grade one..
    we were in love dated a whole yr..
    His parents took us on dates to A& W root beer and to the movies...
    Wow my brother thought he had to come along...
    He actually found me when I was like 16 or so never heard from him since ..I miss him...he was still gorgoeus accaept 6 ft 2 and

    he was Italian....and kissed me on the lips on the Playground and my world was never the same...
    I saw stars, and when he moved...I was never the same...
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    My first kiss was at 4 years old and the girl was 3 years old, her name is Elizabeth...I remember the stare of her eyes, watching so carefully when I moved in to give her a kiss on the lip and when I moved out, how she kept looking in my eyes...we just stood there for some time and looked at each other in the eyes, when I broke off eye contact she smiled and we kept smiling at each other and gigling.

    Could never forget it.

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