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    Dance in your living room, dance whenever there's music. Dance is a great way to exercise your soul. I just got back from Cancun and I couldn't help but see people of all ages just watching as some of us danced the night away. Today of course you don't need a partner, and yes it's mostly ladies dancing. I could see that there were people just wanting a little nudge, so I would dance to them grab hold of their hand and take them to the dance floor. Not one of them turned me down and if they saw me the next day they would ask if I would be at the resort lounge to dance, and sure enough they would show up. Why is it some men haven't figured out that a great way to make a lady happy is to just dance? This is the first time I've written on mm, but I've read some of the forum's, hope your all making someones day special.
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    dancing is a total release and if you become totally engrossed in it then you can even go into a different mind space, almost like a meditative state where u bliss out. it really is amazing and its great fun too. it raises your energy vibration and puts a smile on your face and theres nothing better that i can think of to do to distract your mind from work n life
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    Yeap, this is me. I can find a reason to dance even after hard day of work before I go to bed :))))
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    dance is an outlet, a therapy beyond exercise! and that is what life is all about! live, dance and be happy!!
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    I think i'll try this dancing i used to dance listening to Motown soul music,

    great exercise and fun too.

    Good to read these blogs & get new inspirations. 

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