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    Today is international woman's day!Wishing all, small or grand ways in which to celebrate today and for being nothing less than amazing!! And lets not forget our sisters worldwide who are struggling with human rights issues, inequalities...
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    GrapesOfGoodHope write:
    Rob, you are a true "Mensch"!

    I assume you know the meaning; if not, you being you, you will certainly do some research!

    Ironic word choice given the day! But it is not about me, I only hope to bring honor to the gifts that were given me.

    Looks like women are making some headway in the equal or better pay department.

    Gee, I guess now I understand why GoodLife likes math so much! LOL
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    In honor of this day, I would offer an example of feminine excellence. Many men cherish their mothers, and their views may be biased. This one was an honor to be associated with by all who knew her... We will miss her always!

    Source: Kingsport Times News Archives
    Date Published: December 3, 1998

    Kingsport has suffered a Great Loss

    When we heard early yesterday Peggy Turner had died Wednesday night, the sense of shock and loss was palpable, even in a newsroom used to dealing with grief and pain on a daily basis.

    What a tragic loss this is to the Kingsport community. And no doubt like most of Kingsport, we are at a loss for words to express the value of Peggy Turner's life.

    We can say that for those who knew her and worked with her, Peggy always impressed as someone with a capable hand and a committed heart.

    We at the Times-News knew Peggy Turner as an outstanding spokesperson for the Downtown Kingsport Association for many years and, more recently, as a member of the city's board of mayor and aldermen. Peggy's involvement in Kingsport, from promoting the Jitney to helping create The Survivors Club, and much, much more, leaves a local legacy of integrity, refreshing frankness and a sense of humor that all will miss.

    But it wasn't just the physical accomplishments. It was her positive attitude that everything was possible and anything could be done if enough people got behind it that so inspired anyone who came into contact with her.

    There was no one else in the same mold as Peggy, and her passing leaves a gaping hole in the community that will not soon be filled.

    No one but Peggy could know how much she gave to Kingsport. The countless ways she worked on behalf of her community for many, many years were largely known only to herself. That's because she didn't do it for herself and she didn't look for any thanks.

    She just got it done.

    Peggy was a woman the greater Kingsport community will not forget. And our collective memories will continue to hold her in the highest regard.

    We extend our deepest sympathies to her family and dear friends, and count ourselves fortunate to have been one of them.
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