Why do the white men here snob black women??? Interracial Relationship

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    Just curious why do some white men here snob black women??? Is it that they think they are rich??? money really means nothing you could live in a mansion, miserable and alone? Some of us here are very educated, attractive, successful maybe not millionaires. Equality despite race is more attractive. Just my thought not male bashing here.
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    Some white folks are raised diffrently from others just like black folks at the end of the day if we all get a cut or bruised we all bleed the same color blood we all need oxygen to live. everyone has their preferances we were born with free will so please be to upset. p.s some black guys prefer white girls just as some white guys adore & prefer black girls

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    Don't take it personal. A lot of men aren't into Black women(us). It's part of life. Don't let it consume yYour thoughts. I hope you find the man of your dreams.

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    I don't feel snobbed..snubbed or however you want to put it...I know who I am..I know my worth ..If there are men who look away (while secretly looking) I honestly don't care..I don't need to validated and everyone has their preference..I know I have mine...they just

    aren't based on race..to each his own..


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    I don't think it is snobbing black women but a matter of preference, cultural influence or for a lot of us rejection. This is the first time I have considered dating outside my race. Growing up I was encouraged to date people of my own ethnic background.  Today is different and guy may not be into you. Don't look at it as snobbing you. Men share the same characteristics in any race. They are selective. Just like we are being selective in the type of men we date. That is one of the reasons why we are online.

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    There is no such thing as a stupid question, except the one that's not asked. That being said, I was watching Total Divas tonight and this girl wants to be a mom and she also wants a marriage,the guy wants none of that.  Now what's that about, who are you to force your ambitions and dreams and hopes on another? 

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    I'm new to this site and this question caught my attention because I wanted to see the replies... tee hee hee :)


    The topic of race actually makes me uncomfortable but the way I see it is: I can only be with one guy at the end of the day so if a guy chooses me and I like him as well it doesn't matter what race he is, even if a million and one caucasian or afri-ameri men pass me up.... 

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    I don't think anyone should snob anyone. Personally anyone can date whoever they're attracted to. I've had black, white, asian and mixed men snob me, rich or poor. It is just because they are assholes and this is not true for all men

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    I agreed with SBuydens


    I don’t see it as snob, it’s a matter of preferences.


    Some might like it and some not, I don’t know why would be upsetting for some, its free will …




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    Not certain if I agree with all of that. But people are entitled to their preferences.
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    Well said Cookie and I totally agree............:)
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    Quoting LotusBudForever:

    I'm honest with her, and I'm sick of the coddling. These women need to hear the truth. If a lot of men don't have black ticked, it doesn't matter, you keep striving for what you want. Just don't complain about it...know your plight is harder but the reward much sweeter.

    Yeah, what she said ;)
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    If you are sweet and beautiful race does not matter
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    I'm a charasmatic, Charming fun girl and looking for someone to Teach me and show me things I havent experience. I love boating, horseback riding. I'm new to Millionaire but have dated wealthy men.Not a gold digger. I just don't want to struggle.

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    Quoting SuperiorDesign:

    I agree with the tough love approach. If you were my best friend, I'd tell you to stop feeling sorry for yourself. While I personally would say its likely some combination of real and imagined prejudice, you have to decide what is within your realm of control. You can't change your skin color, you can't change that some men wont date you because of your race. So what's left? Change your approach, your view of the situation. If a white man snubs you SPECFICALLY and says it is because you are black, then I would check my program to see if I really want to be involved with that type of person. 
    Focus on you, what you can change. Stop worrying about other people. You cannot control them, and analyzing their behavior will only leave you more exhausted and less successful.

    Just sayin


    You are stunning! You are young. And then you are intelligent! If you last on this website, and these guys don't snap you up.....I will come to the final conclusion that there is something seriously wrong here!

    OK - Just saying....not hitting on you. I like men, LOL!

    Welcome on board SD! We want to see more of you.

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    love knows no colour, only people choose to use wealth and race as a deterent to finding a rea thing. stay true to who ya are and love will find ya.....
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    There is a site specifically for interracial dating. If you are looking to date outside your race, you will find someone. If you are specifically in search of a "rich" man, you may have trouble on that site.

    FYI, there are good men out there who are not wealthy financially, but are truly wealthy in other ways. Men with money are not always the best choice. However, if you find a "good" male who happens to be financially ok, go for it. I must say that the "media" has played a role in
    what a "wealthy" lifestyle looks like and unfortunately some people accept that vision.
    Good luck to you.
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    This is a really, really simple question that has three really, really simple answers:

    1. If a guys not attracted to you, he's not attracted... doesn't matter what color you are or what color he is, if he looks at you and thinks "yeah, that's never gonna happen" then it all stops right there.
    2. If a guys not attracted to you, he really just doesn't care how nice/wonderful/smart/sexy etc. you may be. Now you can say anything you want about men being shallow etc. but honestly, women are the same way... just look at how many great guys have emailed you and you've not responded to!
    3. Guys like things simple and if dating you, no matter what color/age/religon you are, will be complicated (no matter what the reason) then he's not going to go there. Example: Maybe he's attracted to you, you're the right age etc. but he works for a boss who's extremely prejudiced and he has a lot of social interaction with that boss and he really needs his job.  He may want to date you but doing so means leaving his job, maybe moving to a new city for a new job etc.  Tooo many complications to take on just to start a relationship you don't even know will work out (I actually knew a guy that was in that very situation).

    I wrote a really nice article in the Dating Tips section under 'rejection' called The Cookie Theory, you should read it!
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