why do the wealthy gotta be with the wealthy????? Action and Adventure

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    uneeq write:
    hey, i admit, im not no rich guy. but dont you think women really want money? oh, yes it would be nice to go out, do what you want, when you want. i would love that. but i have 3 wonderful kids who love me for who i am, not what i got. anyways, like the question says, rich with rich? hmmm, why, they dont think there are any nice guys out there. they want money, not to be respected, loved, cared for, someone to be honest with them, faithful.? well, anyone know the reason, please share it. sorry to bug with the topic though. just curious. no harm, no foul.

    They are searching for the best possible partner they can find...

    Just like the argument for getting a degree in college... If you have two equal applicants that have the same skill sets, similar personalities, years of experience, etc., Would you hire the one with the degree or the one without the degree?

    Given two mostly equal things, human nature is to select the one with the most bonus features that appeal to you...

    And no offense, but why is it that you are so interested to find the opinions about "rich women" instead of just normal loving caring women?

    That would indicate to me that you already have a basic understanding of the question that you are asking!!!

    Bottomline is that more assets are simply more appealing. The variants are where value is placed on which assets, whether they be monitary, physical, emotional, intellectual, etc.

    I think they absolutely do want to be respected, loved, cared for, someone to be honest with them, be faithful and while reaching for the stars, they want their partner to have money too !!!

    Just my two cents worth!

    PS. And no, I am not a millionaire, nor do I play one on TV...
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    Simple math.
    Like attracts like.
    I feel that people like to be around people they're familiar with and that has the same drive and goals in life, for the most part.
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    I think its fear of being "taken" I am only middle class,I have people men and women, lovers and friends constantly mooching!
    Im in the arts and I have ups and downs but I also have a mid-income job, but I feel very rich in health, spirit and good fortune! And I admit Ive been a sucker and over generous with people because I feel (a. its good karma, (b. it makes me feel good, however, this year my mailbox was light with cards...just to say Merry Christmas as a thank you. So my I admit my feelings are hurt so my generosity has to end here ,eh! If I meet someone with money, that would be nice , but it would be nicer if we meet and could make some money together or if the man I meet could help me make more.....or as much as I can by being postive and supportive of my life

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  • View author's info posted on Oct 28, 2009 at 03:52

    In my humble opinion......People who have made the effort to create their own success have also changed the way they see the world around them. They now have a strong desire to be around other people who have also made that effort. The hard part is sifting through the majority who really are there to see what they can get out of it for free. That's why "rich people" only want to be with other "rich people".
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    I'm a physician. I currently do volunteer work. I don't make near the money I could be making. But, I work really hard and believe that I am successful. I don't think women just want money...they want security, success, and the ability to enjoy life. Many people divorce b/c of money, control, power. Most men with money...they don't need to have this in their home life, they've conquered outside of the home. Yes, money affords certain opportunities...but just think of this way. Relationships are hard enough getting one of the hardest problems out of the way helps create a better environment to culminate romance.

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  • View author's info posted on Mar 19, 2008 at 19:26

    I have been on here off and on for years and love the kewl guys I have meet on here... From all back grounds, sometimes good friendships come out of this site too...

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    I made my own money from scratch. I worked my but off for 20 years and retired at 40. I now work for peanuts doing a job I adore with a ballet company for my own pleasure. My last three relationships were with poor men, we had fun but I ended up picking up the bills everytime - every meal, holiday, hotel, spa day, even buying their clothes and travel tickets. Eventually you get fed up with spoiling other people and just want a bit of equality...or someone to buy you dinner once in a while!
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    I am on this site, because the men can carry a conversation. But I find that many men think that you are after their money, even when you have your own. Let's admit it. This is a site that brings people together based on wealth. In a spiritual sense, it is a shallow concept.SO, it must be difficult when you do find compatibility, not to doubt the intentions of the object of desire. The question must arise "Is she/he after me or my money?"
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    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    First of all I wanna apologize for my poor english. Just wanted to say stop to blame each other. 'Rich with rich and poor with poor' it is silly. Truly love cannot accept this kind of formula. You cannot buy or sell a truly love. Concerning the rich men and/or women I can say that they worked hard in order to got a really nice life. So, old rich (sometimes even ugly) man can afford to have a young, sexy woman. Poor old man cannot, you know. Now qestion to women: why are you ready any time to jump on that old, already not nice body? Thats why rich men in the firm belief that they can have any woman.
    Now question to men, especially to not young men, please stop put your almost nude pics. Leave it for too young men. You are looking not so nice and tastelessly. Why are you so sure that women first of all needs to see you without clothes? Give a demonstration of your knowledge, sense of hunour, priciples.
    You can ask me who are you. Im a WOMAN, not just woman. Not rich! And among a many profiles I choose only one. A man who has a wonderful eyes, body. He is also young. Im sure he is not a rich man. I really dont care. Everyday Im looking at his pics even if Im sure that he will never visit me, because a distance. By the way, he even doesnt know that I like him so much. How pity! Money is not a matter at all. But girls and guys if you already met your match, your better half and that person besides rich in this case why not? This is not destruction of formula 'rich with rich and poor with poor', this a DESTINY. Means you are lucky girl/guy.
    I wish you all to find your soulmate very soon. Good luck and try to be happy, because life is sooo short. Youth even much more short than life.

    With deep respect,
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    There are Universal Laws that apply without exception. Next to the Law of Gravity, the most impact on humanity is the Law of Attraction [wanted or unwanted what you think about you bring about]. Your ability to think makes you a creator instead of a creature. If you don't like what you created in life, change your beliefs! Complaining slits your financial throat. When you judge, criticize, blame you attract people, events and circumstances to mirror what is going on inside you until you shift gears. The more integrity you are, the more love you are, the more positive you are the more of this you attract. Rich people know about the Law of Attraction and now you do too! Your body mind spirit, are pure truth and wisdom. Ask within for guidance.
  • View author's info posted on Feb 10, 2008 at 10:31

    MissMonteCarlo is right on the money. Usually people travel in the same socio-economic groups. The people in my social circle have similar backgrounds. Each of us have educated ourselves, worked hard, live within our means and invested our money to achieve a better life style.
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    I would rather be crying in my BMW then crying in a hyndai..... :-)

    But seriously, I think that successful (not rich) people have certain charecteristics that are attractive to me. I think people who are not financially stable have a lack of motivation, a lack of drive and ambition...we live in america, the land of opportunity and if someone doesn't take advantage of that I think its a charecteristic trait that i'm not attracted to. I also think long term, i don't want my kids to come home and tell me they want to join soccer and I have to tell them they can't because I can't affort their shin-guards.
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    If the poor want to hang out with the rich, why wouldn't the rich want to hang out with the rich as well????
  • View author's info posted on Nov 16, 2007 at 04:52

    TrueNorthStar write: I feel strongly that if someone has done their utmost to apply themselves in their life, and has achieved much as a result, then it is natural to want to share that with someone who is their equal. I don't think it matters whether the man or the woman is a millionaire, they both deserve to share their success with another who has been successful.

    Of course there are many wealthy and successful men out there who are looking for the companionship of a much younger and very beautiful woman and who aren't concerned whether she has money or not,and that's their perogative. They can afford her..

    In life generally, like seeks like. Wealthy people travel in different circles from the majority. Wealthy people acquire certain tastes as a result of their largesse. ..

    seawitch5 write:
    I believe in many cases that there is a huge difference in mentality between people who make millions and those who don't : a way of viewing the world for it's potential... You want to link yourself with someone who is going to build and increase the growth, not drain it. This does not mean the average joe like you and I do not have some wonderful qualities. It just means we are focused differently and therefore attract a different type of person. Perhaps also there is in inner belief that we cannot attract the rich, successful person, an unworthiness. Frankly till that belief is destroyed, we never will. Find the dvd called "The Secret." You may understand the mindset more.

    i do agree w.TNS &SW

    there's something i learnt thro a very nice & rich gf from school who was dating a very good guy, poor backgrd but a great leader in our student body. i asked her, poor dear, when they broke up after 5 years..she was the one showering him w.gifts as real love knows how,& he was always having to apologise becos his parents had to come first

    they cont' to be the best of pals & i love them both

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  • View author's info posted on Sep 11, 2007 at 19:05

    For financial stability,no hurt no shame
    confidentiality in each other respect and the social aspect of the maturity and edeaving creation of bosting into
    publicity within society.its all public relations why not.
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    Money may not be everything but it sure pays the bills. Which would you rather have, more days than dollars or more dollars than days? 90% (safe guess) have more days than dollars. Which would you rather date group 1 or group 2?
  • View author's info posted on Jul 21, 2007 at 12:38

    Women seeking economic stability does have evolutionary routes. You question why rich people date other rich people. Well women tend to look for a partner who is of similar background or better. In the evolutionary past this had survival purposes.

    Its not all about money- alot of its to do with similar background, life values, education, interests and being in the same social group.

    sarah :-)
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    It's all about nature, isn't it, and how females look for the stronger of the males to make sure their offspring has the best chance.

    You know, I'm gonna be flat out honest. I'm not rich. I have no plans to be. I'm camera-shy, stage-frightened, and basically, I'd make a rubbish rich person.

    I will also say that I had a choice between a guy who was rich, famous and incredibly successful, and a guy who's worked like a mule since the age of 8, and 30 years later has STILL gotten nowhere in life.

    Surprisingly, I chose the latter chap.

    I have a great education, even if I refused to go to Uni (I'm working on proving the theory that you don't have to have a piece of paper to tell you that you know your stuff to employers. It isn't going so well at the moment!), and I WILL achieve what I want to achieve in my own time and when I want to. I have the rest of my life to do so, I'm in no rush, and when I make it by myself, I'll be even more proud.

    The reason I'm on here? To find an intelligent guy who isn't a complete idiot. Money honestly has nothing to do with it, but I've been with idiots, and I don't like them much!

    Seems to me, this site harbours more people with more knowledge, and who AREN'T total lay-abouts, because I've had my share of those too!

    I want a guy who I can appreciate who appreciates my own workaholic attitude.

    I guess that's my take, it's my opinion, and in writing all that, it's made me realise something else.

    I don't think I'm gonna get very far in my search for a decent man! :-D

    Have a great day, people!

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  • View author's info posted on Jun 11, 2007 at 17:36

    as can anyone including a wealthy girl.
  • View author's info posted on Jun 09, 2007 at 04:42

    Dating someone for their money doesn't work for everyone, nor does it work for me. I am not a very lavish spender when it comes to certain things so I might not fit the bill as well as most of my friends do. I would rather buy a large house then a large diamond ring.

    To answer your question I don't think marrying someone of the same wealth always works out or you would be bored most of the time. 2 people who have experienced everything money can buy have no where else to go except downwards.

    I have had my best times with ladies who earn less than I do as I reminded as to where I came from and how I got to where I am today.

    Kids are good, how old are your kids Uneeq?
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