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    cutiepie01 write:
    Wow redhead, your journey sounds awesome

    Thanks, Cutie. I think you're pretty special too! One of the more interesting things I saw in this was even though my heart is made of glass, I'm still willing to jump into a river!!
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    I'm in a forest.

    1) What is the first animal you see?
    - Deer

    2) What is the second animal you see?
    - Birds

    Imagine now there is a hut in front of you....

    b) Knock before going in

    Now imagine yourself in the hut....

    4) There are 20 candles in it, how many will you light up?
    - All of them!

    5) What is the shape of the table that you think is in the hut?
    - Round

    6) How many chairs do you see around the table?
    - 8

    7) There is also a jug in this hut. What do you think the material of this jug is?
    - Glass

    8) State the amount of water in it?
    - It's full, but I wonder how long it's been there...

    Now imagine that you are out of the hut...

    9) You have reached a beautiful waterfall. How fast do you think is the speed of the waterfall?
    - 9 (Don't all waterfalls fall fast?)

    10) How many swans are there that you see near the waterfall?
    - 2

    11) Now you have reach the river bank and your destination is just opposite. How do you go over?
    - jump into the river and swim across.

    12) What are the first words that you will say when you get over?
    - I made it!!!

    13) Give 3 words to describe the sky.
    - endless, clear, sunny

    14) And give 3 words to describe the sea.
    - deep, full of life, soothing

    Hmmm.....very interesting...pretty close reflection of me..Thanks, Cutie!
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    1) This question symbolizes the "reflection of your life". Boo

    2) This question symbolizes the "character of your life partner".

    Giraffe....could it be because they have huge tongues?

    c) Rush in means "you are desperate"
    lol...Hardly although I was scared as hell

    4) This question means "your generosity....the more you light up, the more generous you are"

    I lit zero as I DID not want the lion to eat maybe I should of lit all the candles....giggle

    5) If you have a square table this means that you are "stubborn", if you have a round table this means that you are "flexible"

    Round table I have in the recroom and oblong I have in the dining room...Just call be

    6) This actually shows your "hospitality". The more the better!

    The more the merrier...wink

    7) Depends on what you say, this refers to the "material of your heart"

    Clay....Shite that sounds

    8) This refers to the "amount of love that you will give to your partner"

    Totally full...Okay feeling much better

    9) Speed actually refers to your "sex drive"


    10) The number of swans, refer to the "number of best friends you have"

    Hey I missed that ?

    11) a) This means "that you act without thinking"

    I think before I act act"

    12) This refers to the "first words you will say on your wedding night"

    Wooo Hooo

    13) This 3 words describe "your point of view to love"

    God Damn

    14) This 3 words describe "the sounds or kind of love-making you will have"

    So very peaceful

    Or should I say hear me ROAR....LOL
  • View author's info posted on Feb 12, 2006 11:50

    Hi Cutiepie,

    Interesting quiz, I answered with the first thing that came to mind & didn't cheat to see what the answers were.

    1) leopard
    2) monkey (hope that doesn't mean I'll devour my mate lol)
    3) knock - yahoo I'm ready!
    4) 20 - love candles
    5) round table
    6) 4 chairs
    7) clay
    8) d - totally full
    9) speed of 9
    10) 2
    11) b
    12) made it
    13) beautiful, blue, bright
    14) relaxing, shimmering, gorgeous

    Don't know how accurate this is, but it was fun.
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