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    bobsthename write:
    My experience with American Express went like this...I got a green AMEX 20 years ago when I entered into business, and I spent something like $40,000 a year on it in the course of doing business over a few years. My brother, in University at the time, broke and penniless, somehow got a platinum card...paid the $100 or whatever the fee was for the prestige and fun. he kept rubbing it in my face telling me that I had to have Platinum. Anyway, I applied for the Platinum card....and I was declined. Yet I made good money (I wasn't in school), spent a lot on AMEX and always paid it off with no interest or penalties. When they declined me, I heck with all these cards, and I dropped everything and just stuck to my VISA. I know have pretty much one card, VISA ( OK so I have 3 VISA's, but they each have business reason for being) and everything is on one bill. A few years back, an AMEX telemarketer called and asked me to join, and I told them the story above they told me...sorry sir, we can only offer you a green AMEX card at this time. I said thanks but no thanks...and so I spend about $400,000 on my 3 VISAs every year, always paid up to date, but don't even qualify for a farging Platinum card, never mind the black card.
    And frankly, I'm very happy with my VISA, other than the credit limits. It's everywhere you want to be.

    I'vc been with Visa for 27 years, never had any real problems but minor glitch, AMEX has sent me lots of applications and they all went in the garbage bin...why pay a fee yearly? when you can have a card FREE ? and if you don't pay your card on time you get floored with high interest rates anyway ? I pay Visa $25. a year fee and they give me lower interest rates, and they always send me special cheques at 2.90 % interest rates for 6 to 12 months duration., not that I used them often but once in a while I do, for buying stocks while I am buying and selling..just deduct the interest rates of my incomes taxes..but you caan't go wrong at 2.90 % much lower than prime bank rates. I save that much on interest in a year to pay my $25. fee.

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    sharp1 write:

    Devoted2FindingU write:
    sharp1 write:
    American Express must be wasting alot of money on mail, because for the past 2 yrs they also send me to applications/month and I just file them.
    Just a plain jane card that gives you a 1% return? Where can I pick one of those up? My card charges me 21% if I don't pay my invoice off monthly. Sheesh...I've got the wrong card!

    Everytime one of these companies sends me a pre-paid return envelope, I have the kids fill it up with whatever will fit and send it back to them. I remember them sending a couple of plastic arm men once. Or coupons for Depends. If everybody did this they would not be able to afford bulk mail.

    What a great idea! Now I know what to do with my coupons! lol

    That is a great idea. The ultimate in recycling. lol. Any ideas for phone solicitors?
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    My problem with American Express was not that I couldn't get one, but a lot of businesses would not accept it because they charged a huge transaction fee. That was back in the 1970's. I cut mine up and sent it in with my last payment. They have sent me an application at least twice a month for last 30 years. I wouldn't touch it. M/C and Visa are much better. JMHO.
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