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    Hi Everyone!

    Well, I hope everyone had an enjoyable New Year's Evening this year!

    I had a wonderful New Year's also. I did not do anything fancy or special this year because it was raining (Pouring) on most of the west coast this year, lol. Go figure, rain in Los Angeles? Hummmmmm? And all the people that went to Pasadena and the Rose Bowl Game (USC & Texas) this year sitting in that rain, and those who went to the Las Vegas Strip also (300K) of them. When it rains in Los Angeles it pours! We will get several inches of rain in a few hours, then none for maybe the rest of the season, lol.

    OK, I wanted to share this with you. I took the lady friend I met here on MM with me as my date to the party. We went to a little unknown place called the 94th Aero Squadron, a nice aircraft related restraunt at the airport. An aircraft owners and pilots type of place, nothing really that special, right Pete (Wrightwood PT)? We sat at a table with two other couples since it seemed that almost everyone there was coupled up. The one couple to our left met online from another online dating sight, and had been seeing each other for about a year or so. He is a Federal Judge from Los Angeles, and she is from Michigan, my original state! So we had quite allot in common to talk about. The other couple to my right also met on another online dating sight too, lol. They were engaged also. They are from my same town that I live in- (Woodland Hills) only a mile or two from me, funny! Well, we all had such a good night and we exchanged numbers, and will be going out again because of it. So I made four new friends from this experience. One thing I had to note was that all of us were with our dates because of one or another online dating site. I pondered this question, of all the people at this same party, I wonder how many of them were there from online dating sights? Just a thought!

    Happy New Year to all!
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    Hi Everyone!

    Oh Miss Dorma Sweetie,

    I am lol on your last quote:

    Hi Blonde I think you should start your own online dating service.
    You are still such aSweetie and plus all the women here love your responses to "romance'
    So hope you and the date for yours from MM had a great time Many blessings for 2006 may it be prosperous, healthy and happy.
    Hope you took a nice harley ride to

    Thanks for the kind words Dorma darling. And Happy New Year to you also dear! I would not have time for starting an online dating service, lol. But thanks for the suggestion anyways cutie! I also had a great New Year's too, thanks. My lady friend I met on MM enjoyed herself also she said, and we will be hanging out again sometime in the future. We have started a nice friendship, and have fun times when we go out, like friends should too. Quality time and enjoyment, all I can ask for in life. I have not rode my Harley recently as it has been raining in Los Angeles. I am one of those fair weather bikers you know, lol. I do not enjoy riding unless the weather conditions are to my liking. But today and on it should be in the 70's and 80's here again, so we will see if I decide to take my Harley out of the garage for a ride, lol. I hope all is well for you too, and we have not spoken for awhile, something we should do. So I guess I will have to email you and just chat. That would be nice too! Talk to you soon my lil lady!
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