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    I want a SPECIAL man who makes me laugh and who laughs at my jokes,
    someone who knows me better than anyone else, who knows what?s in my closet, and accepts me for who I am,
    someone who encourages me to do my best and is happy for me when I excel, but still loves me anyway if I don?t.
    I want to be partners with someone who is loyal, me and him against the world...
    who wants to grab the same things from life,
    who wants to do things with me and go places with me, but who enjoys hanging out with me even when we?re not doing anything,
    someone who loves to travel and explore, loves my cooking and isn?t a picky eater, who will drink cappuccino with me in the morning and take care of me when I?m sick?
    someone who thinks I?m beautiful? who will make me a priority in his life?
    someone I can spoil with my love and will return it....A very special man who wants me to be his all and his everything....A man who loves me unconditionally, and I love unconditionally in return...That's MY soulmate...
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    Perhaps a Butler,
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