Chasing a fantasy, quixotic fool?? Romance Forward to friends

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    beautynbrains4u write:

    People are always changing angy, we are forever works-in-progress. You are lucky to have experienced such a love in your marriage. I have once also.

    When your partner has left you, acceptance is a process obtained in tiny, tiny steps. Anger softens into bittersweet reminecsing. We initially see our world thru a filter of fear...afraid that whatever killed our loving relationship is poised and ready to strike again. " Great grief is only born out of great joy, and our anguish is that we feel we shall never, ever love as truly, as madly, or as deeply again". I sometimes hear this melancholy murmer...but I can put it to rest now, and remain optimistic (but maybe still a bit afraid sometimes).

    Since you already told me I couldn't come to NY, have you ever considered moving to Indiana? The picture on the other thread and rereading this sold me completely. Let's go camping, fishing, swimming in a creek. I'll wash the sand out of your hair and whisper in your ear at the same time.
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    lol....Men have all of the are just not looking in the right places....Maybe look at someone that you previously overlooked.....I have resigned myself to leave the 25 year old men alone...they are kicking my azz....
    Look at all of the age 53 woman that are will be amazed at the beauty and intelligence..second to none.
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    I would call that a dream, not a fantasy. Dreams do come true much more often than fantasies. All of the things you mentioned sound wonderful to me. All I need is someone to share them with. Unfortunately when a man hits 50 there isn't much of a demand for him any more.
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