Who really cares ? Dating Wealthy Men / Women

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    How much money ? It dont buy true love .But I the sport of cycling ....................OK ! My true love ! LOL
    riderrrrrrr aka nesara311
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    Money and love are totally unrelated however I must say that I have met many divorced women who married for security only to find that without love there was no security there.

    Many men and dare I say women are simply not "to thine own self be true" hence the increasing divorce rate and reluctance of wealthy men to tie the knot and share their net worth with their ex-wife and her lawyer.

    OK . . . Please do not attack me I am not frightened to marry again nor am I a Dr. Phil just a few observations on my part :)
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    I usually do have cloth on.......most of the time and I do have my Levis on..just cant see them :)
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    Well..waking up and seeing libito next to might be me distracting LOL.
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    Wow..somebody else knows about nesara !
    I have enough money to eat and tour the world lol.....I just think health is something money cant buy ..it wont wake you up and make you do the needed suffering , however pleasant or painful it maybe.......Being retired gives me alot of time to be the best I can be...I guess its a you only live once thingy
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    libitofafrica write:
    nesara311 write:
    How much money ? It dont buy true love .But i theres one out there that loves the sport of cycling ....................OK !
    riderrrrrrr aka nesara311

    I took your question seriouly until I read your profile and it said:

    Being attractive friendly and well off is a plus!

    Yes money is a plus, but then who really cares as long as you have money to eat and keep a roof over your head?

    All the world is free to ride your bike, so who cares if you have money? You can't take it on a trail so, who cares?

    I think it is much like Maslow's (perhaps another theorist) Heirachy, that puts the necessities of food and water at the bottom, near the top are needs of love, and affection, above that are needs of esteem, and the very top (and least often found?) is the need for self actualization.

    Good in theory, but how much did the bike cost? :o) And yes, I am aware that if nesara311 is that good, that he is probably sponsered for all gear, expenses, etc. but that doesn't come without a cost either.

    For those who are not aware, NESARA is the National Economic Security And Reformation Act...

    Welcome to the forums and the site Nesara311! Money won't buy you true love or happiness, but it does help a little.

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