I need help with this PLEASE! I own a business and want to know about equitable distribution Business Topics

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    Dear Lovelia,

    I am an attorney but I am NOT giving you legal advice, it's important you realize this, I'm merely offering a practical idea and strategy. There are many business appraisers who work for banks and the Small Business Administration. You and your estranged ex could enter into an agreement that dictates the split of the company (BTW-equitable distribution essentially means giving a fair share to someone -- I think you are talking about actually distributing whatever equity there is in the company, or liquidating it) such as 50/50, 60/40, 70/30 or something like that, and then either jointly select an appraiser [this can cost a few thousand dollars so you might have the company pay for it] or each select an appraiser and have those two get together to choose the independent appraiser. Then, when the appraisal is in, you pay him whatver the value of his percentage is (over time, lump sum, many opportunities here) and he transfers all of his interest in the company to you (stocks, quit claim deed, etc...). If you decide to sell the company, you don't need an appraiser but might want to get the agreement on distributions prior to selling. Just a thought.
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