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    There's a new site where you can "Fly" around the Earth and "land" anywhere in the World and get a close up view of any adress or city you type in.

    Go to G**gle > More > Downloads > G**gle Earth.

    See the house you grew up in, or your friends or relatives house clearly. There's a pan feature that literally lets you "flatten out" and brings you right in the front yard.
    There's a play button under places on the left side of the page that "Flies" you on a tour of the wonders of the world..(Grand Canyon is awesome)
    Type in Kabul, Iraq and see helicopters flying...Or Yosemite, Ca. and view the majestic valley. Or Paris, France and view the sites. Or Rome, Italy ....You get it.

    Have Fun!!!!!
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    The clearer images are in the big cities, where you can even see cars on the street,some of the smaller cities won't let you pan in and see the yard view.

    Try San Francisco, There are alot of interesting places there and the hills take you on a Magic carpet ride feeling.
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