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    OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!! Got it! But what happened to the other topics?...
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    what's up with that???? Aren't we all adults here? And yes, I did read the disclaimer not to post websites and things but isn't that what a forum is about, an exchange of ideas, information, inspiration, humor, etc.? Maybe they want to be paid and "affiliate or partner" fee to advertise such but that's ridiculous! I sent them two emails and waiting to hear back from them. I'm off from work today and I'll be on the computer for most of the day, so it should be interesting to hear the reply...
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    after reading your comment last night and seeing my threads disappear, I sent them an email through the suggestion box and I did see where they wrote they may give out $100 to anyone who comes up with suggestions that they can use....I suggested they relax with the censorship because we are all adults here...
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    sharp1 write:
    Is it just me, paranoid of MM's "Big Brother" facade? Or does anyone else get the feeling that Mahoganyangel works for MM...for those of you who did not know katiegirls...it's like her re-incarnate without the talented, and real & personal journalistic flare!
    Who inundates the forums with a myriad of 23 new threads...all researched articles cut and pasted. It's like it was researched for the past 3 wks, since the last time this profile swamped the forums with all her new threads; then suddenly today this profile bombards the forums again with all her research in the form of "I repeat" 23 new threads! It's unreal! Overkill!!! Anyone else have thoughts on this?

    Didn't quite get what you were writing about, until i scrolled down. LOL
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    Oh yeah, also, I did take the time to look up some articles for this forum today, and no it didn't take me 3 weeks (lol)...like I said I had a lil' downtime today. Being that this is my favorite part of the site, I just wanted to add to it.

    Aside from the usual humor, inspiration, etc..I started some threads entitled Real Talk. This will differentiate the usual post from those intended to create dialogue between the sexes.

    Hope this clears up things....

    Sidebar: Some could have taken your words as a personal stab, but I'm a pretty positive person and will give it the benefit of a doubt. Next time you have a question about someone's intentions, you should just ask them instead of putting them on blast...a friendly e mail would have suffice.
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    Hey Sharp!

    LOL!! I just replied to you in one of the other threads by the way...

    I've been working CRAZY hours lately - extremely busy! The forum is my favorite part of this site. I enjoy sharing humor, inspiration and other tidbits with everyone here. Since I had a lil' downtime today, I thought I'd catch up and post some stuff for everyone.

    I made an announcement for my first thread tonight entitled I'm Back, explaining just that...

    Do you think MM could give me a check for that? Who would I contact? And how many people would recommend me for the job?

    Anyway, I'm working 2 seasonal jobs for the holidays plus doing some freelance work as a Producer (films), so I'm not able to log on everyday like before...

    I really miss you guys, so I hope to talk to you soon...

    P.S. Forgive me if I don't reply to winks and emails in a timely fashion...

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