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    There are miracles in every moment if you'll just take the time to see them. There is value in every circumstance if you'll simply make the effort to appreciate it.

    Even on the most ordinary and tedious days there are magnificent and extraordinary treasures to be lived. They are yours when you open your mind and your heart to the possibilities. There is no need to long for some distant bright day on which everything will be perfect. For you can make this very day as bright and shining and fulfilling as you choose. Open your eyes and realize what a miracle it is that you know you are here. Choose in this very moment to make the most of your awesome good fortune. The wind blows, the sun rises, the snow falls and the ocean relentlessly pounds the shore. Life rolls on with fresh new possibilities at every turn.

    There are miracles in every moment. What a privilege and joy it is to be a part of life.

    -- Ralph Marston
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    Thanks Lucky!

    I was just explaining to another member that when I first joined this site, I thought I would have time to actually "date". Turns out I'm more busy now more than ever and I'm not finding the time to even reply to winks and emails in a timely fashion. Single going on three years now, looks like I may have to put it off for a lil' while longer...Damn!! I'm only 36 so I'm sure once I'm where I want to be in my career, I'll have time for my "search"....
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    I really enjoy all of your considerate, thoughtful, funny and informative posts....
    I can't immagine you are single!
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