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    My friend recently hooked up with this women they met because she was associated with this famous Artist which they toured together with.

    To cut a long story short she came to the UK and now he is bewildered at her mentality.

    The thing is she is Korean and he is Black (not sure if that is politically correct - i dont know his exact nationality) and he is gobsmacked that he has to pay for EVERYTHING. Not only this but everytime she invites her friends to go out with her he has to pay for them too. I just told him thats what majority of Korean Women are like but I think its more to do with the status he potrayed to begin with for them to think he can afford to pay for everything. He is a recording artist and has his own indie label so I guess she just assumed he could afford the finer things in life which now he is regretting he gave that impression!

    Anyways I'm still chuckling because she is now living in the UK and he is supporting her in everything, the poor guy is going to have to work 48/24 in a day to support her because she is not the sort which lives a normal lifestyle if you know what I mean. Anyways anyone else had any similar type of experiences?
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    sharp1 write:
    Hahaha! I'm sorry to hear about your friend's situation, but it is funny!

    Sometimes one should endeavour to research a culture before entering a relationship I guess. I read that in Costa Rica, when you marry a young lady, you take on the responsibility to support her, and her ENTIRE extended family (Aunts, Uncles, Cousins...)
    Maybe it is the same for the Korean culture.
    I know that when Koreans host Weddings, everyone who is invited is welcome, as well as, anyone walking by in the street! They will invite them inside. They make sure they have plenty of food and drink! :-)

    Your friend might want to have a friendly, yet heart to heart talk with his lady regarding his expectations.

    Yes, it sounds like good communication in the relationship may be worth more than gold... Or atleast let's hope so for his sake!
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